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Bizarre Palm Desert Perp Gets Buckshot Massage

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Matthew Carberry says:

I recall (froom memory, would have to go look up the details) Ayoob's story about a small agency where the "car shotguns," who no one had personal responsibility for, were taken to be maintained by a smith by the Kiwana's or whoever, and returned them clean and with fresh 00 Buck rounds. Unfortunately, they put in 3" shells, the guns were 2-3/4 chamber. Cop actually needed to use one one day and managed to gorilla rack the shell into the chamber. The human body under stress can do amazing things. The takeaway is, of course, if you might have to use it, you need to be checking it yourself.

Jay P. says:

lol Stupid idiot has a face shield around his neck and doesn't bother to put it over his face.
Also, who robs a gun store and rather than stealing a real gun thy take an airsoft? lol Jesus

Yo Itz Joe says:

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Dont mind me im just preaching the gospel!

jimmie t says:

Tap rack click I mean bang

adam simon says:

some ppl have so much freedom they just want to die because of it, darwin award right there.

Randy Beaverton says:

Note to self, a 2 liter of Dr Pepper is NOTa force multiplier.

blazeaglory says:

Happy Thanksgiving😊

Grewn D says:

He kinda died standing on one leg

Robert Schweppenhauser says:

You get stupid people in this WORLD.

1911GreaterThanALL says:

Yea could be empty chamber might also be really bad ammo. Anybody know for sure?

Christian Goooman says:

Mr Clean!!!

Terry Chootiyaa says:

Yes his maker "Michelin Tyres" 😁

Michael Billings says:

Opening statement: true for self defense and booty calls.. probably

Kevin M says:

I've taken a number of " advanced " handgun classes, and there are far more civilians present than LEOs. The school is operated by a retired SWAT team leader, instructor cadre are all current or former law enforcement.
They make note of the fact that most cops aren't willing to pursue training outside of the annual or semi annual qualifications. And the cops at class aren't usually the better shots.
Everyone that uses a pump action shotgun has had a " short stroke " at least once. My method to avoid this is to run the action until it stops, and I do this for every firearm I own. Pistol, AR rifle, shotgun, run that action as far back as you can every time.

Jason Schwartz says:

IIRC, when I did nuclear security, we loaded 4 rounds of buck and then 3 slugs with the logic of slugs for long range and buck for short.

Jarvis Rutherford says:

Algorithm defeated

Hops And Lead says:

That shotgun needs retired.

Mr. Myers says:

Love FN Herstel Police Tactical pump shotgun.

DJPenny Beats says:

Mental illness is real!

God Man says:

Gosh…such stupidity and the man paid the ultimate price

supersonic key lime pie says:

He was bound to go out like this. If not here, then later somewhere else, maybe with innocent people dragged into it. Once you've reached the point where you're doing things like this, it just seems to escalate until the end comes. My sympathy for the officer who had to make the shots that ended it.

Thomas Marked says:

Suicide by cop…

Frank Garibay says:

Suicidal to me, Sad that they couldn’t see that . Just the way he was carrying his gun.the way he was standing isn’t a person that wants to do harm

BrokenRustyBlade says:

Pillsbury dough boy got sent to his baker?

Artista Primus says:

This man was ready to die. He wasn't going to listen to reason. He got what he wanted. The good thing is no one else was hurt.

B Lti says:

the gun i am carrying was made in 1976….

Brian Hart says:

Any trained gunfighter who can see cleary, could see this man wasn't a threat to anyone, plus he had absolutely NO TACTICS! He just slowly crawls out from debris and stands there, cops had hard cover and the tactical advantage and still just wanted to murder someone. If I were one of the cops, fire off non lethal bean bag rounds from cover and if you don't here a gunshot from him, then he isn't shooting at you OR send in the canine OR use non lethal 40 Mike Mike rounds! The guy was clearly confused about what was going on because damn he was just there to steal NOT kill, ask me how I know? Because if someone wanted to kill cops it's super easy, get them to arrive and ambush the shit out of the cops from good cover/concealment with a caliber that rips through Kevlar, shoot for the pelvis area and skip some rounds under their car to hit feet and ankles. I'm sick of folks saying everyone wants to kill cops when in fact if that were true then dead bodies and badges would be littering streets across America. Life has lost its value amongst tyrant cops in this country and too quick to take a humans life for nothing or officer safety which is a dressed up way of justifying cowardice and a lack of gunfighting skills as well as no confidence.

Dansyoutube says:

Bizarre suicide by cop

kelvyquayo says:

Oh those were shotgun malfunctions? I thought they dug out some old Springfield muskets they were shooting so slow and clicking around so much. Budget cuts

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