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Best LEGAL Weapons for Self Defence in places where you can't have weapons!

In this video we delve into the world of Legal self defence weapons for personal protection in the UK and Europe. If you’re in the US then just buy a gun and all is well…. But for people who live in the modern world where rules aren’t written by candle light from 250 years ago, you may have to get a bit more creative if you want to legally defend yourself with a weapon. JOIN THE DEBATE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. FOLLOW US ON INSTA. New Merch coming at 10,000 subs!!


The Fight Bible says:

Welcome back fight fans!
Todays video is on self defence weapons… is there such a thing in a country where pretty much all weapons are banned? Or is knowing how to fight your best option on staying safe and legal?
Join in the debate below!

Watcher says:

Bought the unbreakable umbrella years back, love it.

Samuelclark11 says:

Just carry a 2 inch folding blade you can still slash someone’s face or bury it in an eye socket 🤙

Samuelclark11 says:

This is so stupid but funny 😂

Adam Dwyer says:

Just pressure wash the boys

Connor Matthews says:

Fair play with that bottle, 2kg lump to the chin wouldnt feel very nice haha

HadokenYourFace says:

The whole delivery on demonstrations still gives me "Master Ken" vibe.

wmfthehorseman says:

Ye had me when ye flipped the bird with at the dummy!

mydoggylives says:

4:35… what was the mfg of the light you had? I tried searching for "night defense" on your channel and didn't come up with a match.

Ary Gouveia says:

Oi do you have a loicense for that shirt bruv?

Michael Meis says:

I think knuckle dusters are illegal in most parts of the US

TucBroder says:

Anyway to link to the things you showed off in the video?

The Lorenzo says:

One of the deadliest weapons is an ink pen ( think about it????)

Dtr146 says:

An umbrella is a very good improvised weapon if it is built well enough. I mean yeah sure, any umbrella can hurt somebody. The build quality will determine how many strikes you get before it breaks.

Cameron Snyder says:

Icy Mikey was talking shit bout yall. Fuck that nerd.

Ryan ramsubhag says:

Looks like something master Ken would do lolzz

The One Eye God of Rain and Storm says:

Wait pepper spray is Illegal in the UK? The fuck?

yan k says:

thanks for sharing The Fight Bible.

Roy Williams says:

4:08 you’ve got red on you.

matthew Lindsey says:

Think you should of shown a normal walking stick you can buy self defence walking sticks. But a nice oak or hickory have all the strength for self defence you need. An unlike the umbrella you can take it any where. Even on a airplane.
The umbrella would have to go in the hold with the luggage. Plus with a little work you can add your own size hand grips into the wood. You can check out a lot of cane self defence videos on YouTube. It’s very popular with veterans an people with injuries as well as the elderly. An just happens to be about the same length as my Krabi Krabong sticks. I’ve suffered with sciatica a couple of times in the last couple of years an a strong walking stick has been a god send.

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