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Baby Self Defense! | Alter Ego: The Worst person in the world | Ep.2

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DestinyCrystal says:

First! Nope. Ty very much world :3

Frida Garcia says:

Do more homie servers???!

ThatOneGuy says:

His alter ego reminds me of stewie

xXSlyFoxHoundXx says:

The Karate Toddler?

Paulina Olszynski says:

i got kidnapped and killed wtf 

The Crowbars™ says:

You can buy alter ego on iOS 

CookiezSama says:

I’m trying to make a sociopath ATM. Someone like Yagami Light. God damnit,
i watched too much Death Note.

EDIT: Got my first successful lie. Keikaku doori >:D
EDITx2: Shit, I died D:

Conky says:

1 time i died in car crash beacuse i wanted the revenge and 2 time i was
somewhere at the end and it was there sunlight or what and he was talking
and get Cg u died and i said why? 😀 

YaezaTheCasualGamer says:

Omg, I could never be a dick in this, I really just couldn’t do it!

Gz3700 says:

Hi sly!

skadop1 says:

Sly I knew your name was Edwin because a while back I looked on the
creature forums or something like that and it said your name was Edwin. I
say Edwin is a pretty damn cool name.
E- Everybody
D – does
W – what
I – I
N – Ninja

Tdogrulz99 says:

At the end of alter ego, it just says “Thank you for playing Alter Ego. You
have died.” and I started today.

uriahamon ravielgameing says:

i died at a ripe old age

joeman543 says:

Stop playing on the website everybody, you’re making it unable to run…
and I wanna play..

Tennessee Cooper says:

thug life XD

TheCamper345 says:

Played it for like 20 mins till like 10% of childhood (BTW this is my first
ever go and I wanted to play earlier) And its back to over quota…

123456789dps says:

this is kinda boring but still funny

Celestic Rose says:

I can’t go on the Alter Ego website D:
*Over Quota*

*This application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again

DX123HARDYS says:

Over quota and i left of about to fuck a cougar when her husband walks in.

xXLatino98Xx says:

Sly, next time just be you ! :)

Disturbed1forever says:

I love just being able to sit back and relax listening to your voice, this
is such a good series sly :)

John Pepe says:

The shiny head guy was a dog

ThePikafan01 says:

I actually chose pantry… and was one wrong choice away from poisoning….
I had some damage to my digestive system… GG sly… gg….. I want to
play more alter ego now…

Ishmel Smith says:

I died at old age during senor baseball -_-

AnotherGamerGirl says:

Oh my god! I’m just reading all these comments about people having such a
bad life in Alter Ego and it just made me laugh! I thought that I had a bad
life in the game because I kept breaking up with my boyfriends and wasn’t
college credit fast enough. I’m glad I managed to dodge any death.

Superk says:

You can get this game on a phone

FateBringsMe2U says:

I never knew the Edwin thing! That is actually a really cool name! Anyways
I hope the homies hype of death won’t make it so you have trouble recording
this sly

SonicChaocc says:

I hope Sly(…Or Eddie, the Shitful baby/kid) gets kidnapped and becomes a
murderer and druggy as an adult

Superstar972WW says:

I died when I was on a surgery…..yup….

irornknight says:

I died in my old age playing baseball. I died after my team won.

AoiWalkthroughsBR says:

OH MY GOD SLY WILL TURN INTO JOHANN (if you’ve watched monster you got it)

Bedrock_Miner says:

I was born with a respiratory infection in the game :p

speedy29051996 says:


Terrashell says:

I died as a senior because I caught the ball playing as a pitcher in a

DiamondGirl0215 says:

Yeah, I got almost got kidnapped. The guy pulled me into the car but I got
out of it because someone came along and saved me. 

TheRandomGamer says:

YUSSS. i Love this series.

casper meewisse says:

i survived to the end dieing very happy

reven radic says:

I just had a wedding and the game crashed!!!!!!!!!!!

James Kinsey says:

Sly I love your new Profile Pic :D

MrMonkeyfer says:

Oh shit. Eddie’s gonna become Kizami from Corpse Party. Fuck.

tubbymanification says:

7:03 More like “Goo Goo Gaa… Damn Dood!”

Colton Basquette says:

sly why did yunch the dog

warrioreagle111 says:

and 29th viewer

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