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Aware Driver Proves Too Much For Carjackers

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sudilos117 says:

3:49 When the attack started. A vehicle in distance behind him turned on High Beams.
A late accomplice? Meant to make the driver think he had no where to go?

Able Dully says:

I always leave room for escape when in traffic and never block myself in, when possible of course. In the event I was to get jacked and only had my car to use I would gladly destroy it to run away first, run the perp over or trap them. However, one only really knows what they'd do when in the midst so training is integral.

Oh Hale YEAH! says:

It's a decent neighborhood, there are folks walking around….carjacking people.

Chris Hightower says:

hopefully one day someone kicks a guys nuts in one of these videos

Chris Hightower says:

hopefully one day someone kicks a guys nuts in one of these videos

saflip969 says:

John, I just want to tell you are awesome and great person! You are honestly are a difference World Wide!!! You have been putting our way of communication and technology into very good use. By taking advantage of youtube putting it to good. You honestly and literally saving lives world wide. That is amazing and congratulations to your success!! Keep it up!

KM says:

The problem is that the car jackers have been denied a lively hood by this selfish BMW owner. These car jackers need to immediately come to the USA and apply for economic asylum so they can litter NYC's and LA's barios. White Democrats always need more voters and son-inlaws named Juan or Jesus.

Robert Young says:

Thank you for mentioning mental health! My son is a severe paranoid schizophrenic at age 34 and on disability. He is gradually getting worse still barely living on his own! I pray for him daily.

Mike says:

That country isn’t even worth a visit anymore.

UShallKnow says:

Thank you for asking us to check into friends and family with mental health issues.

Lorne Hampel says:

John, I think its worth mentioning that you have perhaps the best structured videos on the internet. The intro, followed by a brief explanation, then a quick inoffensive ad, then the story. Pacing seems to be perfect. Many websites could benefit from using your model. Thanks on behalf of all of us who see way too many crappy sites.

Fishing Is life says:

so if I'm a felon how can I carry my gun for protection

ricardo says:

got laid off! few days ago

pizzafrenzyman says:

Good job Alejandro

NotDhanix says:

This Is for the robber
Money Is Not Important Think About when you die you will go to hell And You will get karma

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