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Attorney claims self-defense in New York bodega stabbing death | Morning in America

The Manhattan bodega worker jailed for nearly a week while facing a murder charge over a stabbing that he says was self-defense has been freed after his bail was reduced. Read more: #NewYorkBodegaStabbing #BodegaStabbingDeath #BodegaStabbingDeathSelfDefense NewsNation is your source for fact-based, unbiased news for all America. Find us online: Get our app: Watch us on TV or via streaming:


Deanfender says:

This has gotten so out of control being that the left has told cops to stand down and not do their job and when people take these situations into their own hands they are totally amazed reep what you sow And what they don't tell you is the girlfriend stepped him 1st

Carl Brewer says:

Self defense

The U says:

In Florida he would’ve got shot suffered less.

Scott Walker says:

I can't find anything on this at cnn,msmbc at all

Doreen says:

He was defending himself!!! One less criminal!!

Jorge Toloza says:

what is the prosecutor smoking…

Navado's Sunvalley LLC says:

If ever you needed a reason to move to a different state here you go.

Jeremy Rowe says:

Any idiot can see it’s self defense! Why is it a debate? Because the DA is clueless!!!!!

J. L. Fairdale says:

If Alba was white though… well, you know.

towtrucker says:

Good luck convincing 12 jurors to find him guilty. New yorkers will never convict him. Mark this post

Remberto Viramontes says:

Ass backwards world we now live in!

Evelisse Escobar says:

This is a very sad story for both families.

Kitchen skills says:

That is clearly self defense. How was he even charged?

Wade Bas says:

This mayor and DA gots to go. America is turning into a jungle and not a 1st world country. I felt safer visiting a 3rd world country then being out at night time in Los Angeles and NY. Enough is enough. Either you let criminals take your life or the police will take your life in jail .

Sargis Eskandary says:

Shame on the Da ..for being a rascist

Joseph Pineiro says:

I would have done the same thing

Left Uncut says:

If he was a cop, he'd be off scot free.

TodoPrenditz says:

Self defense

Kris C says:


Nothing but the Truth says:

Free Alba!!!!!

gbob99 says:

good riddance

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