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Angry Victims Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

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Lord Ofwar says:

Yep 100% make an example of them Or let people see are tired of this

Cucker tarlson says:

Haha I have zero remorse for people like this. Just a matter of time before they murder someone…it’s a shame they walked away from this.

Bill23799 says:

Cue Benny Hill chase music.

Jacolen says:

After hearing the intro, I expected a lot worse. These guys got off easy and if the the victim did run them both over, I would not have had a problem with that. These types of thugs don't deserve to exist in the same world as the rest of us.

Martin Whalley says:

New nickname:
Speed Bump! 🤯

Jomo FrontForce says:

In my jurisdiction, it is illegal but nobody would care when a thief is killed or run over. It is not even about defending the property but teaching a lesson to ANY OTHER thief out there.

Martin Whalley says:

Mexico, self defense
America… California… Not so much!

Dimension Red says:

When it comes to your livelihood, and family, FUCK THE LAW.. The government isn't gonna reimburse you, and alot of bad guys don't care about going to prison, so my taxes shouldn't support someone like that, especially if I'm the victim.

nipperdog7777 says:

I was waiting for the cattle guard temperature challenge.

Kremer M says:

Legal, no, but very few juries would convict the couple.

HerZeLeiD says:

I'm going to be honest here. I'm morally 100% fine with this. And I will always choose morals over man written law. Oh and that second guy was like out of a horror movie where instead of just getting out of the road and behind something they keep running in the open. LMAO

Eazy A says:

In my jurisdiction they would have been lynched.

tankprohp says:

No he's going to give me my stuff back because I take it back because he can't get up and defend it because it's not his why are you defending the fucking criminal stop it you're making me want to unsubscribe from your damn channel

tankprohp says:

Because he stopped because he got hit the first time he didn't get it so they knocked some sense into him

tankprohp says:

I don't see a fucking injured person I see a criminal fucking running because he's scared that the person he robbed is coming after his ass don't fucking try to justify these dumb bitches they deserve to have the book thrown at them, I don't see cops rushing over to protect their property and I don't see the cops going to replace anything that they lost family pictures heirlooms cops don't give a fuck about you or your stuff they empower the criminals by doing laws like this

Dennis Stephenson Drone and Aerial Photography says:

That's the problem with our fucked up laws in the USA you should have the right to protect and recover your property at any extent in my opinion long as it's justified and when I say justified I don't mean by a liberal jury.

tankprohp says:

I feel no remorse for these guys they got exactly what they deserved for fucking stealing from somebody the courts need to praise and award these people for beating the shit out of these bastards, these people do not deserve sympathy they don't care about you that's why they stole their shit, stop having sympathy for fucking criminals throw the book at them, honestly they should be allowed to do more to him teach them not to fucking steal make sure they don't do it again

Nancy M-R says:

I have nothing bad to say about the could in the truck. Would i do it? Probably not, but i still don't condemn the couple in the truck.

D M says:

First off it’s Mexico laws don’t apply!!! Second he didn’t get under the wheels and third job well done!!! My property I’m getting it back who knows they could have stolen life saving medicine or something else truly needed.

Jake PK Rio says:

Fortunately, common sense and street justice is alive and well in most parts of the world. In the U.S., they make do playing GTA, while letting looters outside do their thing.

Monikan Cultist says:

The guy who's driving is probably playing Carpenter Brut's TURBO KILLER while doing this stuff.

CBS says:

Heck, because Mexico 👍🏼😁

Mike James says:

I would’ve done the same thing.

CBS says:

Hell, because Mexico 👍🏼

Derek Trulious says:

We the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant…. not guilty.

Mike Wells says:

Stop babying the criminal…run em over…squish em…show em no mercy. They have to figure out that they need to make better choices

JD C says:

Ummmm, cops do it all the time…. So it's okay for me too.

robin6512 says:

i see nothing wrong with this. do stupid shit and pay for it. i do not know how hard they hard to work for what was stolen by these punks.

JD C says:

Niiiiiiice, good job victims. Props

xL0stKIlah says:

Should of floored both of them at full speed suge night style

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