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Anaheim OIS with Chuck Haggard's Commentary

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Mark K says:

Monday morning. All the rules are set up for the crazy fuck. Welcome to America, we’re not gonna be here long.

Mark K says:

Blast em’

Paul From Canada says:

Wow, are they allowed to do that?

onelifetolive927 says:

They had plenty of backup by the end but they acted like they were the only cops around and the driver was shooting like no one else was around.

Chef Frank says:

I haven't seen a guy get shot up in a car that bad since Sonny Corleone in The Godfather!

Xamor 101st says:

Can't miss videos from the "police activity" youtube channel!

AYoo says:

Pure reckless behavior

lastgen boi says:

Nice airpods

Bflatest says:

Pull a gun on an Officer they should be shot.

Joel says:

10:3616:45Z is in zulu time (GMT), which is 9:45AM Pacific

Yosanny Galvan says:

Que matanza.



Manny Garcia says:

Good and fair summary 🤙🏼🤙🏼

Mike Padmore says:

both of these fucking cowboys need to see big jail time for this… fucking cowards.

Deegan don says:

Retarded ass wanna be heros! Fucking dumbasses should be fired! No aiming fucktards!

speeedskater says:

Tackelberry was driving I see. Looks like he just wanted to kill

Mike M says:

shooting from the car was stupid, then they got out and executed the guy. I'm usually behind the police on police shootings but not this one.

Tony Farina says:

Hey John I love your channel I love your teachings. But I have to say on this one you went to light on the officers. You forgot to mention that the criminal being chased was screaming that he surrender when the officers approaches vehicle and shot him death

travis metzger says:

This is where the mighty ducks are from?

Ernesto Rossi says:

TOTALLY unprofessional! Should not have a "star."

J Hearne says:

That. Was. Crazy.

Ky Rustic says:

I support the police, but these guys should NOT be a cop. Maybe a security guard, with NO GUN

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