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Aftermath of a Self Defense Shooting

What to say to the police after a self-defense shooting.


rusty nuts says:

I thought the standard reply was “is there a problem officer”

UnaSolida says:

THIS VIDEO IS WRONG! Do not say ANYTHING! Anything you say can and WILL be
used against you un the court of law. Don’t incriminate yourself, say 4
words “I want a lawyer”. 

Patrick Eatmon says:

He already talked to much. I want a lawyer period, nothing else. by saying
I feared for my life and it was self defense, he already implicated his

tehlolercaust says:

Wrong answer. “I want my lawyer.” and “I invoke the 5th amendment”

Mordicus says:

Don’t say a thing, once you say something they have probable cause to
arrest you. 

Steve Giuffrida says:

YOUR ONLY WORDS ARE “I want my lawyer.” you give them nothing else. they
are not your friend. do not even call 911. have someone else call them and
say that someone is injured. address. hang up. done

Derek James says:

I would have said WAY less than that in a real situation. You plead the
5th and ask to speak with your lawyer, THAT’S IT!! You don’t ever say, “I
shot that man in self defense” OR “I want to help you out the best I can”.
Even those phrases “can and will be used against you”. Yeah, the Miranda
Rights don’t say anything about using what you do or say to help you out. 

frejoliejo says:

certainly staged but excellent example of correct way to respond when in
actuality, EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. Very well thought out and presented. (
from a retired Police Supv)

Sheldon Ractliffe says:


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