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Advanced Streetfighting Techniques for MMA, Self Defense and Bareknuckle Boxing

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hard2hurt says:

Revgear is actually having a huge sale including those gloves:

Tom Matter says:

I love what your doing.i just want to thank you cuz of your dirty little tips it saved me from getting a beating.
Keep the good work up!!

Danny Santos says:

I love how real he keeps it..he is one damn good trainer/fighter he don’t sugarcoat shit and keeps it real and shows you how things are really gonna go down and how to protect and expect to happen to yourself he doesn’t care male or female he trains properly and real and thats the best way to learn You can practice softly all you want but when the shit hits the fan it’s not gonna be soft💯

2019? comments shit me says:

This guy is the best martial artist who can't fight for shit in a actual fight

Rob Price says:

Straight up bullshit. Magic collar tie. Spin out and push and get knocked out

Paula J. Bean says:

What a horrible architecture in the background, with fake pillars like a greek temple.

Michael G says:

Hey, great vids, just passing along FYI, not sure how effective this would be, but would be interesting to get your input about the Torpedo by Tactical Knives

Clement Gibson says:

I like to practice blocking real strikes with a friend if possible. You brace yourself, get in a blocked position already and just say okay throw 3 right hooks in a row and block all of them except full force. One guy elbowed me in the shoulder hard as if I were a punching bag, I just stood there and took 40-50 elbows in the shoulder/upper arm. He punched me 10 times in the stomach and hurt his hand. That was seriously fun.

Mtn. Dewmslayer says:

Advanced street fighting is a paradox. Street fighting is sort of supposed to be less skillful as you aren’t really gonna be fighting skilled people. Made me chuckle

Matthew M says:

Best to avoid the situation guys. Never know who has a knife or gun.

Greoric M says:

Forearm in clavicle is a great first line against shots or body locks clinched up as well.

MALICE619 says:

Not realistic. Most fights are idiots from ppl who have no self control and inflated egos. They wont fighy someone who they dont think they can beat, unless its a group or have weapons. Im surprised u havent mentioned the environment (pavement, the beams, cars…etc)…..last thing u wamt to do is use ur actual body. But thats my 2 cents and opinion

AZ Battle School says:

At least you admit clickbait! Hahah love it man! Keep it up 👍

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