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A self defense TikTok guide for everyone scared rn #shorts

This is part of the video coming later today, but since I’ve seen a lot of concerned people I’m going to post this on it’s own as well. Credit to @ otakushops on TikTok Stay safe. -V🏴


Handsome Jackass says:

As a more fem trans man, this is really gonna help me out!

Aiden Gundrum says:

Amazing advice! Just be careful w/ the palm to the nose. If it breaks in the wrong way cartilage can fly up into the brain and potential kill your target which will get you sent to prison.

Lily says:

Thanks for this. My friends had a baton competition today a few hours away and they had to wear really sparkly dresses and were going to be away from their parents for a while and I didn't want anything to happen to them since anyone can go to the competitions so i sent them this. Thank God they didnt have to use any of it but they said they were glad I sent it to them just in case.

• walrus • says:

tysm for this, i’m going out to the mall with some friends of mine(who are also femme presenting) today so this was especially helpful :))

Kody Heitz says:

don't forget to wear your best beat a bitch boots and pocket knives today friends

Chill Dogs says:

Well! Guess I'm not leaving my house today. Noooo thank you.

caoimh says:

thank you so much for this! i’m scared about this whole situation. luckily i’m having someone come over so if i need to leave my house i’ll have them but this is so useful. thank you

Conner Thralls says:

thank you so much

Some bish named sky says:

Im lucky my brother was box fighting when he was younger so i know most of these please stay safe out there ladys Gentleman and nonbinary palls 🙂 i also would recommend Nick Drossos he has some good tactics too learn <3

Amiya Zope says:

oh thank you thank thank you im terrified right now

addison c. says:

thank you so much!

Mars Collects Earrings says:

thank you so much for this!!

God The Father says:

Thank you for this Vendetta. A lot of your viewers probably don’t have TikTok and wouldn’t have seen this otherwise, like me. Stay safe out there ladies and femme-presenting people! 💛🤍💜🖤 from a non-binary pal

Sol The Goblin says:

Maybe I’m not too informed but why are we worried about defending ourselves today? Like yeah that’s an important thing we need to learn but why today specifically?

choc chippy says:

stay safe my dudes. ilyasm

Zim Likes Pasta says:

thank you, I have to go out today and am rather afraid that I, a femme-presenting person, am going to get attacked

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