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A Real Fight Is Much Trickier Than You Think

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RPMan says:

I'm not condoning the attack by the disgruntled customer, but the store owner should NOT have gone after them. You poke an angry bear, and you're gonna get mauled.

Foshi_st2 says:

been close to this situation before at an autozone with my dad before…good thing this the manager didn't do what this owner did or I woulda started noodleknocking people like the son in this video😂

Robert S says:

Just let it go. Let them walk away without escalating the situation. Nothing gained here.

nickwilliam78 says:

Father threw the first strike. He could have easily just continued to leave but choose violence instead.

STEVE R says:

Once again a great video and analysis 👍👍
Always assume the other guy is just as well or better trained than you are.
You are correct street fights often end up on the ground.
Another good reminder
to keep up on your grappling and hand skills.

Jacob Hall says:

Looked like the son was initially trying to stop his father.

Pablo Augusto says:

1:34 Defend your father no matter what .


Lol man that kid can throw down!

Mike Yerke says:

They would have gotten a proper educational beat down in Brazil.
Or shot by an off duty cop.

His Grace says:

Store owner lacked brains too!

His Grace says:

As a dad he totally behaved badly, he is awful and it looks like his son is also a brute too. Brutes resolve conflict with fists because they lack BRAINS.

J Wolf says:

Sometimes cooler heads only prevail when there’s no longer a pulse left in them.

Lucky Lefty says:

I'm very happy that I know martial arts !
– but I have to say that distance and de-escalation is the best weapon

The_Horse361 Show says:

The son actually looked like he was trying to stop the fight at first until that older fella came along throwing down

Catalyst says:

Worst part was none of them knew how to fight. No grappling/striking skills AT ALL. The store manager could’ve taken them both if he had like 1 month of boxing/wrestling training.

el indio says:

Da chicago bears could use a field goal kicker….

RH HR says:

I don’t think the son was an aggressor. He tried to break that fight up and they guy started swinging on him.

Mirai Nikki says:

God can only imagine how long this went on and they STILL had to drive the man to medical services. WTF was the police / medical services doing? They were both in the wrong but as soon as that store manager went outside the safety zone of the bound of the store he deserved that asswhoopin… he was the instigator in this scenario imo. Dont work in customer service if you cant handle the occasional "I would like to see your manager people"..

Also I see it countless times but if your ganna jump into a fight to break it up whatever FUCKING DO SOMTHING. You clowns who jump in and stand around with your hands in your pockets or walking around on your phone just to feel like your in the action aren't doing shit for the situation. Call the police and move on with your life stop putting yourself in harm's way or the people already involved in more danger. You walking into a fight with your hands in you pockets may cause someone already engaged in the fight to pull a weapon becuase they dont know you and may assume your with the other guy and concealing your hands could be taken the wrong way. If your ganna be a sheep that's fine but stay behind your fence and away from the wolfs.

Peter Collin says:

This is how you raise a criminal.

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