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A Good Reminder to Know Your Defensive Display Laws | Active Self Protection

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Every state’s laws on the defensive display of a firearm are different, and you must know your laws. In every state the principles of legal and moral self-defense share the same principles, but the application to a defensive display like this vary considerably. What do you think of his choices?


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DaBrute says:

lmao this guy just got off the plane from 1980's Miami wtf

SlowplayRJ says:

The only really smart thing he done was to get out as they approached… never let anyone trap you in the vehicle, at that point it becomes a cage…I had a guy block me from the front, bailed out running at my truck. He looked like Scooby Doo, backpedaling, when he saw I was standing there, waiting on him in a drawing stance…immediately it was over!

bigart1993 says:

A Mac-10? Damn son! He was going to go "Escape From New York" on them!

BusyBasaz says:

"The guy with the pipe didn't want to fight the guy with a gun in his hand", yeah I'd back off as well if someone pulled a Mac-10 and I had a lowly pipe in my hands!

Kevin Lam says:

The guy with a firearm clearly wanted to escalate the situation. If you know someone is following you, why on earth would you show them where you live unless you want to show them don't mess with me because I've a firearm. If you know someone is following you get on the phone and dial 911 while driving to the closet LEO office. In my opinion that shouldn't have been justified.

joshua reeves says:

Home boy was not playing around a freaking Mac are you kidding me Holly crap,
loved to see look on those guys faces when guy jumped out with machine pistol
Btw if that was a open bolt Mac it is the easiest weapon to convert full auto literally a magnet and washer or little bolt and you have full auto weapon it's not accurate but it will probably would have hit every 1 at least once
Not fan spray and pray
But it's 1 the funniest guns to shoot your racing let off trigger b4 the mag is gone

Ivan Tribidic says:

Im so glad the beef died..

Dig Bick says:

Thats a nice gun

Mykoe9 says:

Yes in my great state of West Virginia that is brandishing a weapon, and is against the law. You will have a citation at least for it and they may confiscate the weapon. Yeah, it's a pain in the asp. I see nothing wrong with what this guy did. To merely display in this state you can only open your shirt or jacket, but cannot touch it until it's time to dance.

Erick Laser says:

he got a gun because 1) he can't fight & 2) a fag

Big sexy says:

Bad move never lead a person back to your house ! I wouldn't be surprised if they vandalized his truck.

TheCrackupboom says:

Thanks for not showing former Soviet Republics and third world countries.

Michael Reeves says:

Who just rolls around with a mack 10?

Raymond Mitchell says:

Probably the guy in the truck started it. Wanna be tough guys always drive big trucks. I live in Florida and its filled with douchebags in trucks that think they own the road.

successful01 says:

You can tell the guy in the black truck has issues who the fuck carries a mack 10 around.

RIchard Perez says:

It doesn’t matter what state if a person approaches you with intent to kill you with a metal pipe, have your gun in hand. It is perfectly legal to get off your vehicle to enter your home with gun in hand.

William Ruiz says:

He shaved lol

Luis Jaimes says:

Lol some guys cuts you off you follow him so you can square up comes out of his car with a MACK 10

Yup sorry my bad walks away

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