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A Defense for the Full Nelson Position from Standing

The fully applied Full Nelson is a terrible position to be caught in – here is a defense to help you escape it. Get my kick ass self defense and no-nonsense martial arts training tips for free at


Arima Kishou says:

Hello, Stephan i really thank you for doing my request keep up the good work.
I saw the effective ness but we cant say that you can use that way to all the dudes in the street usually people who only do that is a big strong man.But for me if i got the opportunity to kick his balls in the back or step on his feet i might have a chance to escape

Alex says:

This video shows an interesting escape from a full nelson(from 3:00 untill 4:43):

MGTOW Properties says:

It’s actually a move from Catch wrestling

vyderka says:

Nelson's a nasty thing. When I was a fifteen year old practicing judo I was challenged by an aikido black belt, then in the 80's they were a bit tougher in aikido than now, the guy was older, bigger, a full grown man while I was a skinny teen, but quite fast I took the guy to the ground, he wasn't very good there but was heavier and stronger. Fortunatelly I managed to pull a full nelson on, that was like almost the end, he fought valiantly for a minute or so to get out of it, but find no solution and I finally tapped him out. Oh I was the proudest kid in the gym then πŸ™‚

Chandasouk says:

Aw, man. Throwback school yard shit lol

Josh Taylor says:

My teacher tried to Nelson me out & I applied this immediately thank fuck & it stopped them from pissing me off

Hamad Alrowaie says:

You say it does not work and it worked easly !! ☹ 01:48
πŸ€ͺ just kidding ❀
Five stars !! πŸ–πŸ€©
πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Ί more please 😁

Izzy says:

Does the same principle apply for the school yard bully restraint where they come up and instead restrain both biceps like they're trying to lift you up instead of doing a full Nelson?

MrKnightlore says:

Love these videos, thanks!

Sanjiban Bhattacharya says:

There is a similar video by Dean Lister & Bernado Faria on the same topic..

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