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93 Year Old Grandpa Loses His Mind

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Money over bullshit * Never abort da mission says:

Grandpa is staying a gangster till da day he dies 😎💪🏾💯

kris walne says:

Omg. Just his expression at start of video had me dying. I yelled at my computer! 😂😂

Galaxia X says:

Grampa was an old italian mobster

adrian gil says:

Did the manager learn his lesson?

david r says:

I guess gramps was fed up with the lack of personal service Worst part was he was at the wrong apartment complex.

killyamomz says:

if the old man were black or brown, bullets would have rained on him.

G Man says:

Grandpa is going to be the most popular person on his cell block.

TrickieIckie says:

Cop yells “Drop the gun” simultaneously taking a shot 🥴 Grandpa yells “My mob ties will have you sleeping with the 🐠 “

Urban Maverick says:

The manager got shot twice for one reason, because he’s stupid. He had 100 opportunities to get out that situation. Clearly he’s an idiot.

gjdwy7 wy6zas says:

10:48 dropped it towards guy on floor smh

Damian Vigorito says:

He felt the manager was anti semitic

Your featured on google homepage

Matt Kent says:

Grandpa won't have to worry about his pipes anymore.

Jason Baird says:

Bad advice from john. The woman walked fine but he is recommending wrestling a guy with a gun for a third party. You need not give survival advice ever again.

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