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75-Year-Old Grandmother Shot After 911 Call From Daughter

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Juan federico Loya says:

That's messed up,he could have tasered her.or hit her with his baton on her arms.shooting an old lady twice was safe.cmon?


Taser taser 🤦🏻‍♂️

Steve Remarkable says:

Call the cops when you want your family member dead

Vikrant Singh rathore says:

There is no need to shot her

HURT 1 says:

This is piss poor policing. He could have used less than lethal. She was literally no harm to him just standing there and the other was barricaded in a room and was not in harm either at that moment. He did not have to shoot her. I lose more respect for law enforcement everyday Over things like this.

Kneel says:

Dude blasted an elderly lady, a taser would’ve been plenty.

Biff Bustanutt says:

This 75yo grandmother could not even see the gun or the deputy. He had her lit up with a pistol mounted light. She couldn't see. This is very poor police work. I hope a lawsuit is forthcoming. Turn the light off when it's not necessary, and then the discussion is different.

Pane Of Reality Channel says:

The dude is a piece of shit. Period. He is definitely going to hell. You are a piece of shit for defending him. He needs to be judged.

Dennis Kettinger says:

Keep grandma heavily medicated and bilingual.

Kneel says:

Not obligated? Well fuck you then.

Ross L says:

Don’t answer the door with a knife that’s damn near a machete 💁🏻‍♂️ and maybe less lethal would’ve been a lot smarter here

Lolita Black says:

Her not speaking English is nonsense. But the rest of it was crazy. He acted more crazy than she did.

AZ Desert Prepper says:

Grandma should have spent more time with Rosetta Stone products rather than Ginsu products.

Kneel says:

Boooooooioiooooooooo! NOT lawful

Kneel says:

Horrible play by play. Bad job guys.

Doug Canney says:

Justifiable?! You've been listening to your own commentary too long. This was a tragedy that could've been avoided had the cop left his loud ass ego at home. Terrible policing here, like the majority of it in the world. Good lord John.

AdventureManInTheClouds says:

DO NOT call the police, ever! Handle your own life.

John Riojas says:

I must say I dislike you today

Shephard boy Empire says:

The cop have poor training and he should not be in this Line of work he not a thinking person, a old lady brother u will never sleep comfortable am sorry for u hope you get help

Ryan Murtha says:

No. No. No. no. No. Come on now defuse the situation the cop could take a couple steps back and taser her. Or just back off and call back up. insane and heartless. This is the kind of cop that will shoot your dog.

HAVE FUN says:

They couldn't use pepper spray on her to get the knife from an old woman who I can take the knife from without even using anything harmful

Kneel says:

Look at all these comments!!! Fucking channel. Bad shooting

orangeblood307 says:

Good reminder to NEVER call the police for anything to do with mental health

Lewis` Haton says:

That was an execution my man. What a weak officer. So many other options

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