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In this video Nick Drossos will give you a 7 minute bob dummy work out. Subscribe to Nick Drossos:
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Jorge lopez says:

How about eating onions and then breathing on his face

P M says:

Sweet! Very pragmatic!!

Art of street work out says:

Please cover Fazebanks, Alissa Violet vs Barley House on your perspective as exbouncer and fighter.

Hades says:

don't matter how big or how skilled you are. all your weapons are useless. i bring the end of day with my blood brother satan. see for yourself..

John Johnson says:

Bob said is that all you got?

John Johnson says:

Bob told me he wants a rematch.

John Johnson says:

Bob won, cause he's still standing.

Ezekiel Garza says:

great work out nick

Rooroo92 says:

I love how all of them work really well with one another at the end, that looks intense, cheers Nick! 👊😄

bill123 says:

man the final round you destroyed it . Nick you are a beast keep up

Maarten Boerema says:

Bob took it like a man

Sensei Andrew says:

Do you use a special fitness timer app for these drills? If so, what's it called?

John Bunn says:

Wicked video nick

Adam R says:

I love the small pauses Nick takes to get into a natural position and then wham. Good stuff thanks.

PS. What app do you guys use on an iPhone for that type of training timer?

Bobby Nassios says:

great vid. i am sweating my ass off

Steve Harris says:

This is great. Would you advise this type of training for street self defence or would two or three well measured strikes be better?

Michael O. says:

Nick can you knock someone out with a chop to the neck.. That would seem to be a quick way of stopping an exchange quickly if it works.

CoachMario Bachu says:

Sweet! Love your new training format, N.D. Yes..T-shirt time💪

Brad Davis says:

at the start of that last drill you can tell nick could end a fight in seconds. that was explosive! great work out to.

Safdar Kh says:

I feel sorry for the poor soul who would pick you for a fight!
You are awesome man💪💪💪

Blackpowderkun says:

Can you practice ear pulling/twisting with that dummy?

Blackpowderkun says:

How about double slap to the ears.

Guus says:

Yeahh man awesome video, going to do this after my work

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