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5 self-defense techniques for your children

If someone attempts to abduct your child, would your kid know how to protect himself or herself? Child safety expert and Sandy Springs, Georgia, police offic…


khol shaw says:

Good morning MY Lovely Ones!
Here are some self defense techniques that can arm your children! Use them
for yourselves as well!

maddog187killa says:

All white but the attacker ……hmm….. tad racist?

djomer5 says:

Fucking stupid

Joseph Harry says:

I didn’t see that little girl get away, or make a difference. I think what
this guy is teaching is great, but don’t lie; ain’t no 3-4 yr. old gonna
fight off a grown up.

EH CBunny says:

I know why HLN used a White child in this scenario. 60% of White American
believe a Black child should not defend themselves against an unknown
assailant like Zimmerman.

melescha says:

Black predator. How predictably racial. I don’t even remember seeing a
black person on to catch a predator. They should have used the creepy white
guy from Petaluma. Any would do.. =)

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