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5 Self Defense Moves Every Person Should Learn! – Kama Jiu-Jitsu

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Ullish1989 says:

INTERESTING. We obviously do ther same self defense at Gracie Humaita under Roylers instruction. However there have been little bits added.

Eg "grabbed near wall" the same except we trap the far bicep, hook their leg our outside leg and drive with the hips and body. Other than that the same movements

Cool Hand Ra says:

You didn't throw a single fireball, or a single dragon punch, or that dragon punch where the opponent catches on fire because you pressed fierce punch instead of light punch… #StreetFighter2Turbo #IDoLikeAllYourVideos

Justin Markow says:

I’ve learned these somewhere

Christopher Carpenter says:

Short, Sweet, and Beautiful

lowgizzle says:

Where’s the butt scooting?

Bu Rida says:

I want to see them in real life. I feel like if the opponent was stronger then wouldn’t work.

Karma L. Senge says:

I would LOVE to see more of these.

dougieladd says:

Nice editing. really breaks it down.

Vuvoi Sacodo says:

Thank you sir.. More pls

Coach B. says:

Corny but effective

11B NCO says:

Not sure how much freedom you have to branch out but just give this defense a chance against a real choke before you hate on me for bringing up Krav lol. I am a Army combatives instructor so I absolutely believe in GJJ but I also believe in having as many tools as possible in my toolbox. However, that being said, I am not advocating for this particular instructor or Krav Maga over Gracie Jiu-Jitsu because that would not be wise to do so.

Take care and thank you for all the videos. Takes more work then people realize I think.

Bob Salad says:


Nikolas Prince says:

Great short video

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