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5 Choke Hold Defenses Women MUST Know | Self Defense | Aja Dang

I’m Aja Dang and I teamed up with Renner Gracie from Gracie University to show you 5 choke hold defense techniques every woman MUST know. In a perfect world, women wouldn’t need to know self defense, but we are not in a perfect world. This video will teach you how to escape from some attacks and sexual assault positions. While this doesn’t take place of actual jiu jitsu training, these are self defense techniques that can be practiced at home. I really hope that we never have to use these techniques against an attacker, but better to know the basics than know nothing at all. * special thanks to Renner Gracie for spending the afternoon teaching us these important techniques. •Gracie University• Online Training Courses: Gracie University locations near you: Gracie University on Instagram: Rener Gracie Instagram: Rener Gracie Twitter: •SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL• •STAY CONNECTED• Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Snapchat: ajadang


Watch Me Save says:

This great. Thank you for looking out for us.

Bebe Jayeola says:

Wow THANK YOU so much. I have recently started holding a knife with me[Nobody has given me a reason to but felt drawn to start]. When I am walking to and from my car it's OPEN and IN my HAND. But man this is so insightful because THIS IS REALITY. Best to be prepared then walk around thinking everything is sunshine and roses. I'm watching this over and over to really understand the moves.

Christina Ashley says:

This is so so so important! Thank you so much for making this video

ohmnamast3 says:

This is such a good video. I hope I never have to use these moves but will definitely be studying them 📝

indiantigress604 says:

Excellent video Aja!!!! Thank you 🇨🇦

Ana Paula Pereira says:

Loved it!!! Unfortunately this is necessary

JJ says:

Thank you for making this video! 💜

Alicia Gonzales says:

I love your channel!! So many videos that actually matter in real life

Rowe Syx says:

thank you so much

Javiera Carrasco says:

YES!! this is what we need to see!!!!!!

Jazz Nicole says:

This is such important content!

P CC says:

Aja, I'm so glad you've decided to address this! It is so, so, so important for us women to learn how to escape from unsafe and life threatening situations! And equally important to reiterate what Rener pointed out–we can't match a male strength for strength, so the idea of using leverage and body mechanics is the safest way to get the hell out of there.

I've taken a few seminars with Rener Gracie, was even picked to help illustrate some of the moves–all 4'11" of me to Rener's 6'4"+ frame. I've since taken a few other Gracie and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu women's self defense clinics and eventually plan to take the regular adult classes to earn a BJJ belt. My household is fully immersed in judo and bjj (my son is working to make the 2024 USA Judo Olympic team & my ex-husband practices regularly). I'm there everyday taking him to practice so why not, right? 😉 Again, it's super important to be more street smart, more aware of our surroundings so I'm glad you featured this, although it truly is just the tip of the self-defense iceberg!

Shirley Du says:

good share!!

jesus christ says:

now i really wanna break someone's arm if they wanna try me loooool have no one to practice with though

Simply Terri says:

Thanks for the great video Aja. It very important as women to be empowered to protect ourselves.

Migh Testimony says:

I needed this video! I actually was trying to find a way to learn a bit of self defense, I walk everywhere and I have pepper spray but anything you have can be used against you. So Im glad I have a bit more knowledge on this! THANK YOU!

LoVe14BuGbAbY says:

You should do a series. Very useful information!

Devon Bain says:

You're a legend for making content like this, girl. Keep it up!

kromatic says:

YES, Aja! Thank you for this video.

Sierra Elizabeth says:

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I’ve been thinking about taking a self defense class because I’m petite and not very strong, so I feel like I need these kinds of strategies to keep me safe if I ended up in a dangerous situation and also just give me peace of mind and confidence.

onlychimerically says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandayyvip says:

Thank you so much for this Aja. It’s very important for everyone to learn this. This is definitely the quality content I signed up for!!

Bambi Salazar says:

Thank you for sharing these kind of techniques to depend for ourselves in case of bad situation.. this is better to learn than to carry a gun for protection. Once again I’ve learned so much from this and will definitely watch it over and over to learn better. 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

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