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.22LR Handgun for Self-Defense? CCI Velocitor Review

Comprehensive review of the .22 LR CCI Velocitor, focusing on handgun self-defense ballistics. Video includes overview, chronograph readings, day/night shots, multiple block shots (bare gel and also FBI heavy clothing protocol), and detailed summary. The gel block was graciously provided by CLEAR BALLISTICS. All other resources were purchased out of pocket.


poot111111 says:

I cannot believe how happy I and others are to see you posting again!

Also, the sharp stick part was funny

Hughes Enterprises says:

If it’s all you’ve got, carry it. Just make sure you’ve run a few hundred of whatever you’re carrying to make sure it’s reliable. Beats the .45 you left in the glovebox and better than a pointy stick or knife.

PaladinVII says:

Velocitors and Stingers are what I consider my defense rounds. I chose 22lr for a lot of reasons:
1. Cheap
2. Good entry point into firearms
3. Low recoil
4. Light weight (Something not mentioned in your video. My own research places 130-140 rounds / pound. Other calibers are around 40 and lower.)
5. Future proof for CA laws. A lot of the firearm regulations here in CA have excluded rimfire by name in the written laws. I figure by the time they start regulating and banning rimfire, I'll either be using my rifle out in the woods to survive Civil War 2, or the gun grabbers are finally being honest and trying to ban all guns… Hmm. So, yeah. In both situations I'm in the woods hunting squirrels and rabbits and hiding from Civil war 2.
6. Can be deadly with good shot placement. Not the best, but deserving of respect.

Gman4freedom says:

Didn’t at least a few of those rounds tumble?

buzzsah says:

A good review, Here's how I see it. If you are going to choose a 22 as a defense gun if you have a person looking to do harm neither 22 lr round is going to put them down when hit. So, if you commented in pulling the trigger, continue pulling until the threat drops or runs. If the threat decides to stay and fight you what them to have as many holes as possible so as you are defending yourself they continue to bleed out. 45+ years of experience. Also I find the Ruger 22 is one the best 22's on the market, I've had Sig, S&W, that didn't last a year, I have been teaching for years and gone through a lot of firearms and the Ruger 22 is still running, as for the other Ruger pistols they aren't worth the time to even look at them. Again good view

Believer says:

Are you familiar with the phrase " poor man rifle slug " aka bird shot # 8 cut shell. Is it legal to change the configuration of a bullet for home defense?

Ken says:

I had a good friend killed by a 22 LR to the head. Doctors said it scrambled his brains. I wouldn't want to be shot by one.

Believer says:

Thanks to God that you are back, I was waiting for another review on the 22lr ammo. Thanks for the video. You are one of the best channels on youtube. Be safe.

Leo Dei says:

CCI Subsonics are pretty reliable expanders even out of a pistol. They use a softer lead and wider mouth on the hollow point. I've had disappointing results from their other upline rounds from handguns and nothing bothers me more than a runoff. The subs park them on the spot…no runoffs.

KRN762 says:

Woo Hoo! A TN video!

Detroit Frye says:

No expansion, minimum knockdown power! I’ll stick baseline .38 or 9mm!
Excellent video!

Casey D says:

Maybe not ideal but hit someone with 4 to 5 shots with a 22 they're gonna stop what they're doing. Shoot I'd stop lol

Mr. Scott Ursiny says:

Hahahaha..the into really made me laugh! Very creative and entertaining 😂 Thanks for the quality and informative content.

Mister Belvidere says:

I wouldn't choose to carry a .22 over a 9mm or .380, but .22 seems to be a lot more effective than its reputation might suggest. That's especially true for a .22 shot from a rifle. Against a group of armed attackers, I'd easily take a 10/22 over a .357 revolver.

Art says:

Great video . I’m glad you’re making videos again.

Brian Sullivan says:

welcome back…been waiting for a new vid…love the channel.

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