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10 Self Defense Gadgets You Must Have

Learning martial arts can take a lot of time and energy, but you can improve your self defense capabilities without having to worry about training. These 10 self defense gadgets you must have will help you level up your self defense game and give you ultimate peace of mind. ► Subscribe For More New Videos! Watch More Interesting Videos ► 10 Amazing Car Inventions That Are At Next Level ► 9 Spy Gadgets You Can Actually Buy ► 10 Supercars You Never Knew Existed Inventions Featured. 10. Ideal Conceal
9. Nimb 8. Bolawrap
7. Salt s1 Pepper Spray Gun Starter Kit (Black) 6. Zap ZAP™ Blast Knuckles Stun Gun Black w/ Holster 950K 5. Tiger Lady Tigerlady Self-Defense Claw 4. Taser Pulse + Amazon US : Amazon International : 3. Yellow Jacket Amazon US : Amazon International : 2. InstaFire 1. Fast Strike Follow Us On Social Media ► Subscribe For More! ► Pinterest ► Instagram ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Disclaimer: This video description contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we receive a small commission. This helps us keep making more videos.Thank you for your support! For Copyright Issues, Please Contact [email protected]


bangmeister2012 says:

We finally have access to batmans tool belt

Eric Martin says:

You need to let everyone know these items require training to be used effectively. And none are one shot stops so the risk of more aggressive attacks from the assailant in retaliation are higher. Training and preparation.

EM Taka says:

Fools will be parted from their money one way or another

NatedogLIVE says:

Minus the gun, none of these will save you from an attacker. Yes, it will conflict pain towards them, if you're actually able to hit them, it won't stop them. Attackers don't normally show themselves, or give warning that they are going to attack you. That's why, if you truly want piece of mind, either get your CCW / CPL (in Michigan) and train constantly, or do martial arts that's effective towards street fighting. Not all martial arts is for self defense.. Also, you better hope your state has a "Stand your Ground" law in place. If you're found that you used any of the stuff showed here, you will be prosecuted..

Victor Torres says:

Nimb is a stupid idea

W1ldt1m says:

The gun is very slow to deploy. Nearly useless compared to a normal gun.

Bola wrap is not going to be effective very often it requires time aiming and your attacker to be in proper position to work.

The salt gun has been tested and proven to not work as well as normal spray, at ten times the cost.

The stun knuckles and tiger claws are illegal in most jurisdictions.

Just ask the police how often taser guns fail. Hint it's often.

This list is complete bunk. I won't watch this Chanel again, especially since they max out the number of adds.

Kavita Sawakar says:

Much needed

Farhade Kohkan فرهاد کوهکن says:


NeverMetTheGuy says:

Hopefully this isn't the first comment, and it's critical.

The bola shooter can impact the skin, and really cut up a perp and possibly land you in court.

The salt guns are legally questionable, and can get someone killed if the other person has a weapon.

Tazer knuckles are also illegal in a lot of places because they're basically brass knuckles, and tasers alone are also banned in some places.

The taser pistol is good, expensive, legally questionable, and it's not too common knowledge that they don't work on thick layers like heavy jackets.

Pepper spray isn't always legal, so check local laws.

The flexible quickstick may be usable in most states since it's not actually a true "quickstick." In many places, carrying a quickstick is illegal.

Support about being so critical, because the tech is pretty cool. This is simply to help out somebody who may see the video, and think there's no issues if they buy it, then get in trouble for having it.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Tech Joint says:

Thanks for watching

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