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10 basic fighting techniques and methods_(360p)


Spastic Guy 203 says:

Watches Martial arts videos It's a wrap for whoever tries to come at me now

Oleg Bykov says:

i have big penis

Oleg Bykov says:

i have a big penis

Gooner Gunning says:

Man with no dic*

clip_ teddy says:

Who dislike this vid he is a crim

S l o w l y F a d e d says:

me trynna be the next black widow

Sk Salman says:

Wow thanks for the information

Julia the rainbow unicorn says:



Nanu says:

Only here bc I got a fight tomorrow

immortal Gamer says:

I came here for some attack techniques to see where parts of the body I can hit for maximum damage and to win a fight!

At the end of this, i dont want to kill anybody and give them life threatening injuries. I just want to hurt is face or cause some bruises!😂

My edit: well this is martial arts and our army, marines, navy seals, use this as their training againts an enemy so… I understand

Balaji Padagala says:

how to kill him 😂😂

project dombreaker says:

Literally all this stuff is really hard to do in a fight and it doesnt actually mess you up as bad as they say it does

Quick Fire Animations says:

How to stop them not to kill them

Linnea Nordgren says:

And every one was kunfuu fightingggg dudiddu Dudu du

Zoup 4 says:

Here we have the rare silver aliens engaged in combat.

Anakin Skywalker says:

I Like the star wars Music…

Xxx Verge xxX says:

Im getting bullied☹

Loki Laufeyson says:

You used Star Wars music

Leezarius says:

Hello there this 10 basic ways on how to murder someone glade you could stop by

Exorcise me, I beg you says:

"10 basic fighting techniques and methods"
*Duel of the Fates intensifies*

India Vala says:

Bhai him tomar ha

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