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Taekwondo Knife Self Defense #1

A clip taken from the Real World Taekwondo online training community. Gain instant access to over an hours worth of 100% free taekwondo video tuition from a …

Uttarakhand woman kills a leopard in self defense

A courageous 54-year-old woman killed a attacking leopard with a sickle after hour-long struggle.

Armed School Teacher Shoots Armed Invader in Self-Defense (FL) When an armed suspect attempted to invade the home of a middle school music teacher and his wife, the teacher was forc…

Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain Review Vs Monkey Fist

Sharp Shooter Self Defense Keychain 4 in 1 Device Patented by Grand Master Moran 10th Degree Black Belt “Best Versatile EDC gear for 2014 self defense keycha…

Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain – Review

a review.

Cops Claim they killed Man in Self Defense but Cellphone Video Shows a Different Story Ft. David So

1 – Sad Times Caught on Camera News – JK MERCH: Special Thanks to…

REAL SELF DEFENSE – Vladimir Vasiliev

Systema by Vladimir Vasiliev.

Self Defense & The Over Penetration Myth

Facebook Twitter A place for people with common interests to come together and discuss their mutual hobbies, tactics,…

10 Commandments of Self Defense

Prof. David James of the Vee Arnis Jitsu system of self defense explains the 10 Commandments of Self Defense.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego self defense and detainment training

U.S. Marines at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, are sprayed with Oleresin Capsicum during a self defense and detainment exercise aboard MCRD San Diego,…