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South African Jewelry Store Robbery Teaches Us Lessons

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RM Gaming says:

I'm from South Africa🇿🇦 and unfortunately we don't have as many off duty cops like Brazil seems to have 😁🙄
Thankfully nobody was hurt, the perps didn't seem interested in hurting anyone.
Looks like they were amateurs. Alot of the time criminals will use Ak-47's or R5's and most if not all of them would've been armed. You DON'T mess with guys like that. Let them take what they want and either run away or keep quiet until they are gone.
One thing I can say from watching Active Self Protection is that Brazil's crime rate makes South Africa seem like a kindergarten in comparison 😳

Great content John, love your channel 👏

Hannibal Barca says:

Its easy to laugh at that lady freezing up but half the keyboard Rambos on here would probably literally have the same reaction when faced with a similar scenario 😂

Abdullah Ebrahim says:

shout out from South Africa!

KittyFooFo0 says:

another dark day for Off-Duty Brazil!

S Gonzales says:

Why do women always just stand there and do absolutely nothing when something bad is going down. Smfh

Furi Kuri says:

2 jewelery shops with no fixed security guards in that point. Totally well deserved im glad the thugs made it

ADMA says:

Plot twist: the clerk lady was actually the mastermind casing the jewelry place for weeks. Owner came back too soon.

Crafty Canadian says:

That clerk witnessed serious abuse of a loved one when she was a child, classic cover your ears and bury your head.

Trevor Jillson says:

Damn that clerk of the dumb…. 🤨

Amzar Nacht says:

Wow, that clerk needs to be fired by whomever runs that kiosk.
That is the PERFECT place to have a security agent – someone with some training, skills, and a CCW… Once they rush in, just follow along behind and start plugging thugs.

culcune says:

The clerk might have autism or aspberger's–yes, really, there are numerous people with either/or, and loud noises and chaotic situations kind of trigger them.

Topher says:

That girl is useless in this situation.

Wingin' It with John says:

Well I'll be, I guess masks do work…

Lenny Kump says:


Term limits Com says:

The owner had an attitude but no plan and no skills… he got schooled on smash n grab…. I learned many things NOT todo from this.

Trust NoOne says:

Warning: We are surrounded by f*cking idiots at all times!! Tread lightly and always keep one in the chamber!!  Matthew 10:16

geoh7777 says:

What do these business people do with these security videos? Make family films out of them?

No one is calling the police because the police there don't care. They probably have 500 calls per day with teams to answer 10 of them.

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