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Art du mouvement /self-defense. Defendre sur grappling

défendre sur grappling.

The #1 Self Defense Technique Self defense expert, John Moore, explains the #1 self defense technique he would teach if he could only show you one.

Chinese Police self-defence

Chinese Police self-defense.

The Perfect Self Defense

100% Guaranteed Perfect Self Defense System! BEST in World! TWITTER: – Johnny Badass…

Self defense techniques knife

Apprendre le self defense pour contrer un couteau sur…

Russian Martial Arts Self Defense Clips from Val Riazanovs Ballistic Street Defense

Check out these clips of some awesome self defense moves. If you like what you see then please check out! You can download the full …

ARCS Self Defense and Combatives – Personal Protection

Go check out the free 7 Secrets of Self Defense and how to survive a violent attack. The ARCS Self Defense & Combatives System contains the most lethal and e…

BJJ Self Defense Lesson 5: Headlock Defense

BJJ Headlock Defense (more at

Do NOT Punch In A Street Fight – Learning how to punch in a real street fight can be useless self defense training yet it’s taught as the most common martial…

Self Defense Products – Pepper Spray

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