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YMILKN MGSWRBP Trekking Poles with a Retracting Button 21 Inch


Extend :20.47 inch
Retract: 9.45 inch
2.Net weight: 0.75 lb
3.Material :7075 Aerospace Aluminum and 4140 Carbon Steel


Method 1:Hold the handle by one hand, and pull the another end of the stick by another hand.
Method 2:Lightly fling the stick from the top downward.

Hold the handle by one hand, and press the retracting button of the rear, at the same time, catch the tip by another hand and push the pipe lightly.

Notice :

1.Don’t retract by hitting ground.
2.Don’t disassemble it by yourself.
3.Lubricating oil can be applied in the pipes.
4.It is only a self defense tool, and you can’t attack others with it.
5.Please check your local relevant laws before you use it.

Product Features

  • *To extend the baton lightly by an exclusive method.* You can pull out the pipes lightly with two fingers from the handle. Of course, like a traditional self defense baton, you can fling out the pipes, too. The difference is that for the baton, even if a 5-year-old boy can also extend it lightly. In short, in whatever method, physical strength to need is negligible!
  • *To retract the baton exclusively by a mechanical button.* A special retracting button is set in the tail of the handle. You press the button, and then with one or two fingers, lightly push the pipes backward into the handle. For a common baton, to retract it is often very difficult and a headache. But for the innovative self protection tool, to retract it is one of the easiest things in the world. No physical strength requirement, no damage to your ground at all, no difficulty, very very easy!
  • *Unique all-metal handle.* The whole baton, including the pipes and handle, is made of superior alloy steel. Comparing with a foam or plastic handle of a traditional baton, the all-metal handle has three advantages. Firstly, no matter how long you use it, it is impossible to damage it. Secondly, you absolutely smell no odor from it. Thirdly, even if you overexert yourself in emergency, you can still hold it tightly without worrying about falling off. No damage, no odor, not falling off easily!
  • *A baton holder made of high quality synthetic fibre.* The package content includes a baton and a superior holder. Obviously, a high grade self defense stick should equip with a superior holder.
  • *Extensive usages.* You may hang it in your waist, or put it in your bag, suitcase, or car. When you encounter a threat, it is an efficient no-lethal self defense weapon. You may also carry with the stick when you climb mountains, hike, or camp, and in this situation it becomes a trekking pole, or a self defense tool against an attack from an wild animal.


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