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Street fight for life: Effective techniques of attack and self-defense, Use of improvised means for self-defense

Street fight for life. Effective techniques of attack and self-defense

Street fighting is the sad reality of modern life. It becomes important for people to know how to protect themselves, family, friends from the abuser. This book covers almost all possible situations, scenarios, and types of life-related attacks, including dog attacks. The books provide a detailed description of all types of weapons and all items that can be used as weapons in a street struggle for life. All the techniques and methods in this book have been very effective in dealing with any adversary. These include methods of strikes and body parts to which strikes should be applied, release from seizures, methods of the most effective protection against strikes and from criminals armed with various weapons, such as bottles, metal bar, knife…

The essence of this book
The human body has vulnerable points that, when touched, can cause severe pain, shock and even death. They do not require the application of large force. Even a weak woman or child can remove a strong, tall and strong build with the help of fingers, elbows, shoulders and other parts of the body. All this is given in great detail and is accompanied by magnificent illustrations in the book.

Start learning and practicing your self-defense skills today
Training is not required. All the techniques and methods described in the book will be useful for adults, the elderly and even children. You do not need to be an athlete to stop a criminal and protect yourself and your close ones. Each technique has descriptions and great illustrations for faster and easier learning. Parents will be able to teach their children self-defense techniques. After learning the lessons of self-defense, you will feel more confident in any situation: on the street, in the club, in a public or private place.

Target audience
For people of any age and level of training who want to feel confident in any situation of street assault.


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