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Self Defense Personal Alarm Keychain – 130 dB Loud Siren Protection Device with LED Light – Emergency Alert Key Chain Whistle for Women, Men, Children, Senior, and Joggers by WETEN, Black

Don’t Become the Next Victim!

You hear about crimes on the news: a woman hurt, your neighbor’s home burglarized, a child taken from your city’s playground. You and your family need protection now. WETEN’s durable Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain boosts your safety without the need for self-defense classes! Its 130 dB siren is as ear-splitting as a power drill. Combined with the light, it startles and can even dissuade attackers while notifying those nearby of danger. Feel and become safer with WETEN!

Impossible-to-Lose Pin

Other emergency siren devices have pins that go MIA after they’re pulled, making it impossible to turn off the device. Never drop the pin with WETEN! It stays attached to the protection device even when it’s pulled, making it easy to push back in to disarm the alarm.

Everyone Needs Extra Security

Even if you’re a black belt, you can always become a little safer. This siren keychain is for everyone who wants to step up their personal protection, including:

ChildrenThe Elderly Joggers and WalkersStudentsWomen and Men

Sound the Long-Lasting Alarm!

You need a personal safety device that works, not one that whimpers out after just a few minutes. That’s why each device comes with 2 AAA batteries that power it up. The batteries are replaceable, closed in a battery compartment with a micro Phillips screwdriver.

Convenient Keychain Clip

From backpacks to belt loops, hook the safety keychain on anywhere! It’s not a traditional keychain with inconvenient rings. You can easily move the personal alarm to any easy-to-reach location because it attaches with a clip!

Don’t go around unguarded any longer! With WETEN’s Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain, you boost your safety wherever you go. Add it to your cart TODAY!

Product Features

  • SAFETY FIRST – The world can be dangerous, where the vulnerable may be attacked. Increase your safety with WETEN’s Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain! It’s a small but loud and bright portable protection device that startles attackers and alerts others to emergency situations. Stay safe with WETEN!
  • NOT ONLY DEFENSE – your keychain alarm can also function to draw attention in case you need medical attention or help, which is especially important for the elderly living alone.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – Get the emergency gadget that’s so simple even your kids can use it! To activate the alarm with flashing light, just pull the pin. Press and hold the button for flash mode.
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE – Bring safety wherever you go! Unlike pepper spray or knives, WETEN’s safety device can go everywhere, even where other weapons cannot. Take it to school, the airport, and to the bank without a hitch.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED – No need to buy batteries! Defend yourself the moment you open the box since each security keychain comes with 2 AAA batteries.


Anonymous says:

Provides a sense of security With the increasing number of incidents of attempted purse snatchings and abductions in my area, I wanted something to protect myself. I looked at various devices with a sharp point, but I thought trying to defend myself from a person who grabbed me from behind, wasn’t a smart or effective thing to do. I saw this alarm and I knew that it is what I need to scare off an attacker. Calling attention to myself and the perp seems like a better solution. When the alarm starts blaring, they are going…

Anonymous says:

I appreciatee that the alarm is very loud and piercing and would be difficult to ignore

Anonymous says:

Has a flashlight and uses AAA batteries

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