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SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray – Police Strength – Discreet, Pink, 10 Bursts & 10-Foot (3M) Range

The perfect addition to anyone’s purse, the compact, pink and modern-looking lipstick pepper spray is a practical and preferred way for many to carry their personal protection. This extremely discreet model contains 10 bursts for protection against multiple threats and provides protection at a safe distance with its impressive 10-foot (3M) range. The strategic lipstick container design features a strategic ‘lipstick cap’ safety to help prevent accidental discharge, while the powerful stream delivery reduces wind blow-back.

Small yet powerful, this lipstick pepper spray is brought to you by the #1 brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide.

Providing the world’s most reliable protection, our maximum strength pepper spray is backed by our exclusive in-house high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) laboratory, which eliminates the 30% heat failure rate experienced with other pepper spray brands (Source: University of Utah). This technology is the only way to ensure there are no pepper spray failures on the basis of heat inconsistency. Our HPLC technology is the industry’s #1 advantage – and it’s exclusive to SABRE. Your lipstick pepper spray will contain maximum stopping power when you need it most.

Protect yourself today!

Product Features

  • MAXIMUM STOPPING POWER – maximum strength formula is backed by our in-house high performance liquid chromatography laboratory which guarantees maximum stopping power, every single time, eliminating the 30% failure rate experienced with other pepper spray brands (University of Utah study); plus UV marking dye aids in suspect identification
  • #1 PEPPER SPRAY BRAND TRUSTED BY POLICE AND CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE – including New York, Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s & U.S. Marshals; made in the U.S.A. and ISO 9001:2008 certified with a 4-year shelf life from the date of manufacture
  • PROTECTION AT A SAFE DISTANCE – impressive 10-foot (3M) range; 10 bursts in a powerful stream delivery reduces wind blow-back
  • SAFE TO CARRY – ‘lipstick cap’ safety helps prevent accidental discharge
  • FREE TRAINING – packaging includes link to free training video in addition to publicly available safety tips on our blog


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Anonymous says:

Arrived Defective; won’t spray

Anonymous says:

IT WORKS…SERIOUSLY So here’s a story for you guys. My sister and I were too excited to receive this item in the mail, so we opened it and tried it immediately. When testing the product, my sister accidentally sprayed it in HER DIRECTION! Luckily, it landed on her hand rather than her eyes. However, it began to burn her skin right away and it continued to burn even after she washed, medicated, and iced her hand! OK, this disaster couldn’t get any worse, right? Oh, but it did. Right after she sprayed herself, she…

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