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IMSHI Stainless Steel Multi-Functional Baseball Bat , Car Emergency Stick


1. Product Name: Stainless steel multi-functional baseball bat
2. Material: stainless steel + PP cotton
3. Features: 
PP cotton, comfortable grip, non-slip and durable, protect your hands from being damaged by rebound when hitting
Stainless steel material, not easy to change color
Tail vertebral body design, can meet emergencies
4. Size (Approx.): 
Small length 50CM/20inch, thickness 0.2CM/0.08inch, diameter 3.2CM/1.26inch
Medium length 55CM/22inch, thickness 0.2CM/0.08inch, diameter 3.2CM/1.26inch

Product Features

  • ❤ Material: stainless steel + PP cotton.
  • ❤ Stainless steel material, not easy to change color.
  • ❤ Tail vertebral body design, can meet emergencies.
  • ❤ PP cotton, comfortable grip, non-slip and durable, protect your hands from being damaged by rebound when hitting.
  • ❤ Size (Approx.): S: length 50CM/20inch, thickness 0.2CM/0.08inch, diameter 3.2CM/1.26inch. M: length 55CM/22inch, thickness 0.2CM/0.08inch, diameter 3.2CM/1.26inch.


Anonymous says:

The perfect tool for a perfect walk.

Anonymous says:

Pretty darned good! Took forever to arrive (mail from PRC) but once it got here, very awesome tool. As you can see from the image on the selling page, it has a pointed end that would allow quick breaking of car windows in case of emergency. The device is actually pretty heavy (IMO) but not unexpected. Those asking about more weight, you could put sand or BB’s in for more, but why? An overly heavy device is much harder to control and be effective with (personal defense). Good finish, very smooth and well machined…

Anonymous says:

Solid buy

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