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HyperWhistle The Original Worlds Loudest Whistle up to 142db Loud, Very Long Range, for Referee, Coaches, Instructors, Sports, Teachers, Life Guard, Protection, Self Defense, Survival, Emergency uses

Worlds’s Loudest Whistle

SPL up to 142dB 8x louder than a common whistle

2 mile usable range

Anti-microbial composite, all-weather construction

Unique radial tri-frequency design

Naturally Buoyant

Works in all weather environments, including underwater

Patented Design US8925478

Product Features

  • LOUD! – Up to 142dB for 2+ mile 8x range of a common sports whistle
  • included hearing protectors and easy clip neck lanyard
  • Used for Boating, Sporting Events, Life Safety, Camping, Hiking
  • Works in all weather environments, including underwater
  • 143db SPL TEST VIDEO…


Anonymous says:

Good emergency whistle, not bad for a lifeguard Bought it as a new whistle while I’m lifeguarding, as it often gets quite loud in the building and it’s sometimes imperative that I get people’s attention.PROSVery loud – my ears are ringing after blowing it, and I like the painFloats – obviously good for in a poolCONSLooks like a vape pen – a patron asked me to not vape around her children, I replied by blowing the whistle at a running childNo good way to hold it – it is quite difficult to have a…

Anonymous says:

Louder than hell! I teach skydiving, and while Hollywood would have you believe that entire conversations can easily be held while in freefall, this just isn’t the case- 150mph winds tend to be quite loud. Just for fun, I began buying every “miracle whistle” I came across, and testing them in freefall with friends, thinking that we could use a simple code for a few things, just to give us a line of communication without requiring line of sight.I had tried everything- fox 40, storm, etc. I hadn’t…

Anonymous says:


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