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Guard Dog Security All-in-One, Maximum Voltage Concealed Stun Gun, and 260 Lumen Flashlight with Glass Breaker, Black

Powerful Personal Security

Guard Dog Security introduces the world’s first combination of metal steel stick, tactical flashlight and concealed stun gun all engineered in a type III aluminum, aircraft grade body for truly comprehensive personal defense weapons. The front end boasts Guard Dog’s exclusive concealed inner stun technology, firing off a thunderous 7,500,000 powerful stun gun. With a firm grip handle, the security equipment’s 18.5 inch heavy duty steel stick provides maximum self defense distance protection, and an emergency glass breaker in case of fire or dangerous situations.

Multi-Purpose Flashlight

With a quick slide, the security equipment shines a 260 lumen tactical flashlight with three light functions: blinding high, battery conservation low and emergency strobe. The far-reaching and concentrated light allows for everyday use or as a self defense device in the event of an emergency.

Protect Yourself Everywhere

With no visible probes, the powerful stun gun emits a loud electrifying shock with the push of a button, and the shockproof body allows for durability and longevity, giving you a personal defense weapon you can rely on. The self defense stun gun features a safety switch and ergonomic design to ensure you won’t accidentally discharge it, but you will be able to turn it on quickly when you need it most. Whether you’re on guard or just looking for a personal safety device, you’re in good hands with the industry exclusive Guard Dog steel stick, tactical flashlight and concealed stun gun.

Completely Concealed Stun Gun Technology

Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Inner Stun Technology makes this stun gun completely unique. The security equipment’s innovative design has no visible prongs to hinder the output of the flashlight, and the stun gun stays disguised within the outer layer. The powerful stun gun flashlight will disable an attacker and the massive sound will surprise and scare potential assailants and attract attention in an emergency.

Guard Dog High Voltage Stun Gun Flashlight Nightstick Features

Exclusive concealed inner stun technology – no visible probes Three tactical light functions – high, low and strobe 260 lumens of light Up to 100,000 hours bulb life 18.5” long for distance protection Safety switch and firm grip body Emergency glass breaker

The Best In The Industry

Guard Dog’s exclusive Concealed Stun Technology brings you functionality that is truly practical. With no visible prongs on the top of many of our unique flashlight stun guns, your security device is fully concealed until use. Don’t trust your security with cheap knockoffs, Guard Dog’s Concealed Stun Technology is the best in the industry.

Safety is no accident. Buy your Stun Gun Flashlight today!

Product Features

  • SERIOUS STOPPING POWER: This flashlight, nightstick and concealed, powerful stun gun has an 18.75 inch reach, and packs 7.5 million volts of power.
  • INTENSE 3 FUNCTION FLASHLIGHT: The self defense nightstick comes equipped with 260 lumens of pure, white light to blind an attacker and effectively illuminate the darkest corners.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: Made with type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy, this personal defense weapon’s body is the toughest in the world, complete with glass breaker.
  • SAFETY SWITCH: This self defense stun gun nightstick has a switch to prevent accidental discharge, and keep the unit safe from children and unintended use.
  • 100% SATISFACTION: If you’re not happy with your security equipment, simply swap it for another stun gun, no questions asked!


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Does not pack much of a punch

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Fire hazard

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