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Your Vehicle Only Helps When Mobile

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BullseyeBuss says:

Good lesson.

KineticMind89 says:

Brazil seems like a shit show.

leathery420 says:

Oh man that sucks he got high centered. Would of been a happy ending had he had more clearance.

Benaiah W says:

Unfortunately the majority of drivers can’t back up worth a shit. And that’s slowly backing up let alone floored. If the car is a stick, forget backing up quickly. First video happy second sad and angry at the same time.

Fil Solano says:

Bummer, hope they get what they deserve

UrbanTree Steve says:

Filthy evil bastards…they will pay, indeed

Kirk Dyreson says:

Always be ready to throw a vehicle in reverse.

KGSJR says:

Couple of f**** idiots they shoot a guy and kill him but can't break a window. I hope they get what they deserve.

First Name Last Name says:

you know i have to say something i have watched you for two yrs … noticed you have not even fixed your main video WHATS NEW IN 2019 … and watched your personal self as well…… dont know whats going on with you bro but 1.4 million subs…and you stalled and its obvious you have something going on in your life … you went from unhealthy to healthy taking care of your self…back to shit again…… using your subs and vids donated to sustain … get ur shit together fix your channel so its updated …. and from who i have reached out to to check on you….. ya got issues ..hope you can and your family is ok in this time but…. im gonna watch you ….see if you turn into a dio shit after more than me has tried to wake u up

DJAra888 says:

What Brazil needs is to constitute an emergency law and implement summary executions for criminal scum such as these animals!

Garrett Wyler says:

Why is John so concerned that I have a good relationship with my gardener Jesus?

Tylorgng says:

So the lesson here is, get an AWD vehicle lol

John Mint says:

On the first video…notice the barbed wire over the gate in the front yard?
Must be a very nice neighborhood!

raymundo marte says:

At least he locked his dang doors

Billy Jenkins says:

I legitimately don't understand how these criminals in Brazil value human life so low. Is it just like stepping on ants for them? Who takes a life from this world over possessions??

Mookie Spindlehurst says:

The video of the second incident would be good to use in bullet- proof glass equipped auto commercials.

tredigi says:

You guessed it, Brazil.

Michael Crisp says:

What is it that you do. I have asked this question several times and never gotten an answer.

cat99 says:

Younguns in Brazil are right pricks.


Too bad the gentlemen in the car passed away. I really liked what you said John about making things right with jesus. We never know when our time is up. To bad that guy didn't make it. Thank for the video. Their always helpful for Asp. 👍

Bull Shot says:

Wish them a very, very, very long life behind bars…

Cd D says:

No one could have predicted highsiding. The guy did the right thing. The Reaper just said today is your day buddy.

ItchyPilauBoto808 says:

Is it me or does the second one just piss you the fuck off?!

Johny Boy says:

According to the news, the guy who shot the driver was a 17y old and was hiding under his bed when the cops showed up to arrest him, and the cops actually had to take his mother and aunt to jail too for disrespecting the cops.

Atlas531 says:

People bitching about the US…feel free to move to one of these shitholes.

epickett63 says:

Further proof that criminals are STUPID… The passenger window was down – they could have reached in and hit the unlock button…

Kevin says:

If they had a truck… might of just ran right over…

Dustin Toland says:

Why do only cops/criminals have firearms in Brazil.

Oscar Sabogal Moreno says:

Hi! Jhon. How are you my Brother, my name is Oscar Sabogal Moreno i'm from Colombian, good video jajajaja, cuidate mucho amigo por el CORONAVIROS 19. Take Care Jhon.

Darmac says:

Brazil is very dangerous. Most people are not aware of that. Thinking Rio is fun.. It can end very quickly

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