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You Must See The Deadly Threat Before You Use Deadly Force

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The_Horse361 Show says:

Always a race thing when I black person is shot.

God Zeus says:

There was no threat the guy walking wasn’t a threat at all. The threat comes when the guy runs up to your car door with a gun pulled out.

Nick The Greek says:

Phobic idiots are everywhere and they live among us…

RC Marquette says:

Coudl'a ain't ain't in't is. ain't bro . an he don't no't now noy

D k says:

Poor guy was just minding his business.

Tip-of-Africa says:

I think the shooter should apply to become a cop in America….

Michael S says:

That’s a special level of paranoia. Like not even pointing the gun???? Damn.

Red XO says:

Some people just shouldnt own guns imo

Laura Sanchez says:

The way he was reaching into the bag kinda looked like he was holding a gun out in front of him. Maybe he thought the bag was the gun or something? I really don't know. I doubt he'd just shoot his neighbor randomly, but it's not justified either way. Just trying to think why he shot

Kevin Russell says:

WTF. Shooting a guy for getting his keys. Saw a black guy and assumed the absolute worst. Totally paranoid. Rot in jail ya racist bastard.

Pat Kulp says:

(. ) people lost all credibility on determining what's racist and what isn't a while ago. 🤣literally nobody cares anymore when you wear it out

Q Tuttle says:

Sadly this man should pay for his mistake because the law is and should always administer justice.
If he is convicted he should be sentenced for what he's guilty of.
However mistakes happen and unless he admits to racial profiling he should get the minimum sentence. I feel a year in jail is justified.
If, however he did profile him, it was still a mistake and he should get off Scott free.
Because it's the fault of reality. Some people are more dangerous, look up the true statistics.
He's only guilty of trying to survive a statistically dangerous encounter, he had a reasonable suspension and fear for his life. And more importantly, he was already a little stressed about a security failure.
Don't like it? Stop overlooking true crime statistics in America.

Keinlieb says:

I have no idea why media and people gotta bring race into everything. I hope the shooter gets life in prison for this crap, but people… let racism die. It won't die because people keep bringing it up.

Chris Lawson says:

Enjoy your posts. He might have been assaulted or robbed before and didn't want it to happen again. Not justifying it at all. It's horrible. But if you carry, it's an absolute last resort. If you fight and they get your weapon It's bad, or if there's three people showing nothing but hands in their pockets walking towards you. Good pepper spray instead maybe?

keplar says:

the fact he shot 2 extra times after the guy was on the floor and posing no threat at all, says everything about the true intention here. this isn't manslaughter. its murder

Amtcboy says:

As per video alone, he hasn’t even reach for his phone to call for medical help.

Amtcboy says:

And two more shots while victim was on the ground, obviously victim NOT SHOOTING BACK.
This as s h ole is going to have an unfortunate accident in the near future, like shooting his head point blank while cleaning his gun, or slipped from a 50 storey building while hanging his clothes to dry. You know, those sort of accidents.

K.C. R. says:

Everyone struggling with their weight…it's the carbs and sugars that you are eating. Exercise makes no difference. Eat carnivore. I lost 25 lbs in two weeks without exercise. You will only want one or two meals per day because it is so satisfying. Also…say goodbye to farting if you go carnivore and no I am not joking. No one is supposed to be overweight. It is unnatural.

Anyone who truly cares about their lives and health and being able to defend yourself will stop eating carbs and sugar and start eating beef and eggs. Red meat and fat and cholesterol were demonized especially in the 80's…and everyone started eating low fat and non fat foods and guess what? Everyone's health tanked. Why do you think they push the idea of "healthy greens" and vegan and soy products which are terrible for you and your gut. We do not digest fiber and those foods produce a lot of waste. Our bodies absorb meat almost entirely and put it to good use. As human beings we are supposed to run off of fat and protein…carbs and sugar are a rarity in nature and for good reason. Take care of yourself first so you have something to defend.

Lord Unkown says:

That's not manslaughter that's 2nd degree murder at it's finest

Amtcboy says:

There’s going to be some resbak.

Cutout says:

To be fair, he had the difficulty level set to Brazil.

tyler nathan says:

Those foreign fucks don’t care about life! Why didn’t the asshole perform aid??? It’s because the douche bag is a shitbird who doesn’t care about life. These Fuckolios don’t have a ASP channel they watch. They just kill people because life is a dime a dozen! Fuck these foreign fucks.

B. NOBLE says:

body language???

Roland Duke says:

Hope this scared dipshit gets the maximum amount of years in prison.

Dias says:

The 2nd amendment was a mistake

David Park` says:

this is a very rare phenomenon that happens only to people who are ill in the head.

shon evans says:

What helps in that court case is what happened after rhe shots .
Him walking back to Car instead of helping neighbor plays a part

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