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You don’t need a gun for self defense

Lots of people say “buy a gun” for self defense as if that’s the solution. It’s not. Tools are important, but self defense starts somewhere else.


Primary & Secondary says:

but muh rights?

Mike Cude says:

Unequicably is not a word…

ElijahJohn888 says:

When the earthquakes of War comes IN FULL & IT SHALL [ & that in includes civil war/social-UN REST-/economic & personal war ] multitudes will die without notice [ stupid people I say who think they will watch WW3 on their big screen tv with a big bag of chips like they were watching the super bowl die a fools death ]. Not a moment to repent therefore dying UN saved & sealing their fate { Rev. 20:15 } Get saved today { Romans 10:9 & 10 also verse 13 }. DO NOT DELAY b/c if you do not Repent { Luke 13:3 } you not only will perish but also curse the day you were born but also the womb that gave you birth 🙁 ~Maranatha~ p.s the only winner in
p.s maybe SEPT/OCT ?? COME LORD JESUS/YESHUA 🙂 9/28/18

TheFilipinoKnight says:

Caleb likes framing very wise points in very controversial ways, lol. I remember that blog entry on the 15 reasons people shouldn't take your gun advice seriously (something like that) that went crazy, with threats and boxing and stuff like that.

Charles Gopez says:

Caleb’s points are reasonably put. Another coach who covers this topic is Tony Blauer with his SPEAR Personal Defense Readiness program. What I appreciate about Coach Blauer’s approach is that it is backed by 20 years of research that ties in the difference between various classifications of martial arts & real-world violent encounters (via real-world closed-circuit TV case studies), physiology and psychology of fear, and how to weaponize the startle-flinch response (every human being is equipped with). Another YouTube channel that I follow is Active Self-Protection (ASP), which includes CCTV footage that either goes great for the good-guy intended victim or terribly bad (even deadly) for said good guy. John from ASP comments on each CCTV footage piece on the good things that were executed and/or the bad things that could have been avoided. Can’t wait to check out the other trainers that Caleb mentioned😊

Sauceboy 7 says:

Anyone else notice the waves aren't moving in the background?

kevcom82 says:

Ninja stars! It’s all you need! Ninja staaaarrrsss!!!’

Bass Flats & Beyond says:

Are you doing ECQC again? okeechobee 2019

Louis Maurer says:

Great advice. I mean we all agree that people need practice and a good mindset to drive a car so it's fairly reasonable to expect the same of gun owners.

Hallowed Be Thy Name says:

I disagree.

Ryan Baker says:

Great video Caleb! Keep on training and keep on keeping on.

Asphault - Cowboy94 says:

I came over prepared to write you a long-winded comment about how I thought you were dead wrong but I totally see the point that you're trying to make and I agree with you to be honest… situational awareness is a big part of the self-defense package. I do disagree though with the statement you made about ear buds. I have ear buds in 24 hours a day pretty much and I still know exactly what's going on around me at all times but i also technically have only got the right side in my ear and the left earbud is wrapped around my right here for convenience..Other than that we're pretty much on the same page… Thanks for the video man.

RockawayCCW says:

The flipside of that lecture is that millions of people actually have defended themselves using guns with no training at all. I don't recomend it, but it happens all the time.

Dr59PhD says:

Yet another self proclaimed expert on YOUR life. Ignore this jackass completely and vote Democratic in 2020. We WILL restore sanity to this nation.

Sean K says:

I loved this video and the points in it. I don’t agree with 100% of it maybe 98% of it but still great. The main point is very very true ya don’t need a gun ya need your mind first in the game so true. I think sometimes we forget that getting training isn’t always as easy for some because of money or where they are. But yes training is a key to have and even when you are trained or an instructor ya still have to train.


You need fighting and survival skills along with the mentality. A gun fits in the fighting skills category. Good video

Team Peg Leg says:

Two things
1. It is kind of hard to burn those buildings down.
2. I hear a cup of coffee works well for self defense.

Counter Shill: Memetic Operations says:

Buy a gun even if you don’t need it

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