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World’s Best Knife Defense masterken #martialarts #selfdefense


@ChazGarland says:

This fiy is great.

@ericfransen1309 says:

Danny needs a lil Krease control.

@scottkellogg8145 says:

How many people will take this seriously and use a real knife and try it the next generation isn't really that smart

@ea5929 says:

Georges le graveleux 😅

@jimmylight4866 says:

Soccer Mom's hand money to these clowns all the time to give little Johnny more confidence. Take-Ones-Dough. HI-YA🤜🏼

@mrswagger5222 says:

We’re you in napoleon

@shadow6264 says:

Ayo wtf😂

@aviwemtantato8305 says:

Love this master 🎉🎉🎉

@BJ-nr5oj says:

"Sometimes if there're newer you have to guide it in"😂😂😂😂

@JeffStokerCFM says:


@Fallgrim_Taykhart says:

tht serious clench control 😂

@sonnyd2370 says:

Surely this guy's but just joking I've seen multiple videos where it was just total bullshido

@davidmelo500 says:

Look up wing chun bart cham dao. Then look up sam gozo, rifle spinning championships. The reality of true knife fighting kung fu is this: block If you can, counter if you can. Do not attack first. Counter. Attacking first leaves you wide open. With knives, attacking first will result in you dying. You block with specific parts of your arm so if the knife cuts you, you won't be crippled or die. I've used it before. Tan sao, and qwan sao, some of the wing chun arm forms, are nothing to laugh at. They've saved me from weapons. You use your arms as a defensive shield, and also to block and counter. With a knife, instead of defending with your bare arms and hands, you have something to parry with, especially if it has a real guard. Wing chun knife fighting can be done with 1 knife or 2, and it can be done with any knife if you grip them properly. Rifle spinning is the same thing. Same arm forms. Wing chun dragon pole, is spun just like a rifle. Just like a bo staff is. You bash with it, stab, and swing it. It's all Ergonomics. Physics. Nothing mysterious. The push-pull effect. Nothing more. Controlling your breathing and staying calm, while training the push pull effect into your muscle memory. Just using all parts of your body that can be used to block and strike. Not just the conventional ones. Trying to join the Canadian army. I'm into wing chun knife fighting, personally. There's headbutts, kicks, stomps, trips, you name it. All situational. Different counters, and arm forms for different situations. You will react based on muscle memory in a real fight. Whichever attack comes at you, whatever block is best suited to protect you, is what you will instinctively do. For instance, some crackhead took my umbrella and swung it at my neck. I blocked it instinctively with tan sao. Caught me on the arm, and tore a tendon, but caused no fractures. It bounced off the safe part of my arm, instead of even touching my neck. If that was a knife, it would've hit bone, worst case. But no arteries on the inside of the arms. That's how this works. Truly, a self defense art. It was originally invented in the 1930's for women and small children. Then adapted for male soldiers during ww2, in the Japanese invasion of China. Nowadays, it's the ideal street fighting kung fu. Stomps, trips, throat punches, and actual knife defense, based on survival

@ChadtheHammer says:

Keeping a straight face through the whole thing is the most impressive thing. Im laighing husterically.

@phoenixaz9260 says:

You have to be kidding!

@ChrisFowler01 says:


@mctwist13 says:

This guy would make an awesome J Jonah Jameson.

@bbpsp05 says:

Crack kills, literally

@balupillai1 says:

I tried master kens technique during a street fight.. And surprisingly it was successful
Now im chilling in my grave😂

@theangelspenthouse9415 says:

I love this guy

@Paul_21415 says:

Idk why people are laughing. This could save your life!!!!

@CuantoSinSentido says:


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