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Work On your Grappling Techniques Before You Need Them In A Fight

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End times fisherman says:

Those people are children of the devil in those neighborhoods ungodly people. Very filthy stuff. Straight to hell

phightshifter says:

This is why I train and carry. Especially living in this city.

Joseph Tilotta says:

Cowards come in all forms.
He may never be caught.
Someone might…rat him out.
Pennsylvania or Houston.
What's the difference ?
1875 Law.

ollie bear says:

Democrat cities produce nothing but these kinds of thugs.

yung schlaama says:

wise man always said

best defense no be there

gcsoulsurfer says:

Very hard to defend that.
Sometimes you just can't win.

Timaz says:

And the cops are still looking for him…not.

CS says:

"Work on your striking techniques before you get stabbed." About time you recognized that, John😅🤣😂

Rico Castle says:

That’s what happens when someone is raised without a daddy. They can’t accept a loss like a man

Tezzasbigbuz says:

That’s what happens people lose fights and can’t handle it turn into a bitch and pull a knife decide to kill someone because they can’t fight as good and got shamed out

Mike Callahan says:

Getting right with Jesus is the best of all the other advice. The other advice is useful, but secondary. Eternity is primary. I was surprised to hear that from a self defense video, but it needs to be said more often at this point in time.

Natasha Garrison says:

Avoid demoncrat hell holes because they are the #1 placed to get knifed.

Tom says:

John, what exactly does Firearms Legal Protection mean by All legal weapons? I thought that if your life is at stake that you can use pretty much anything to defend yourself. What would be an illegal weapon?

Sparky McSparksworth says:

fucking savage. all cultures are not equal.

Robert Nance says:

Hard to catch this guy when everyone’s wearing white shirt Pahaha

Joe Shekinah says:

Bro what the fuck is with this retarded comment section? No martial art is going to keep you from getting stabbed. Wear armor, carry a bigger knife.

Shadow Banned says:

thats why you carry. i dont pretend im superman. i want no trouble and talk no crap. but a knife in a gunfight is always a lose. if im not carrying, ill run away. catch me if you can. but if your in a bad spot…yea i need training. but in the few skirmishes ive had. ive learned if you control the head, the body follows.

Carlo Augusto says:

Today's video comes to us from… Wait not Houston?

D'Coledest TaEvadoit Hawj says:

Only sensible way of preventing this is to ban knives.

Drais Bike Werks says:

In the City of Brotherly Love 😂

gdiddi says:

So what your saying is the guy in the white shirt is a pu##yhole and needed a weapon to win a fight against a man with fist.. weak bit#@es all over, usual a "type" of man. Weakkkkk

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