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Woman’s self defense saved her life in Taipei Subway mass killing spree

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Ralph C. says:

The woman defeat a spree killer with only her hang bag on the Taipei Subway
while protecting a young mother and baby behind her. I have to say bravo!
She is brave since, she was able to survive and then forgive him for
stabbing her.

Hinz Zimmler says:

A round house kick would have been better, then use the “Five-Point-Palm
Exploding-Heart-Technique”. The attackers heart would have exploded after
taking 5 steps.

I need an honest answer from a Chinese person: Where is the kung fu in
Taiwan or China? Don’t they train in Kung fu anymore?

Nathans Gaminworld says:


mo va says:

More power to her! :)

winrx says:

The reporter has that stereotypical Chinese accent – just saying….

carlos de zayas says:

Oh yeah they put a video from the killer

Brandon McKnight says:

Like a boss. Nearly twice my age and still kicking ass.

JPPuppyface says:


CaptainOfTheCrapShak says:


ding dong says:


Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer says:

She’s nicer about it than I would’ve been. IMO he doesn’t deserve another
breath of Oxygen…

BeAnBeAn22 says:

Holy shit. Marry me.

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