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When An Officer Responds Before You Call

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Wild Turkey says:

"Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while"

Vee Dubb says:

Opens truck door at WORST possible moment. Cops happen to show up unseen at BEST possible moment! (All filmed on a non-potato!)God is at work here!

Ela Vke says:

Do to title I thought cop would be shady. Glad I was wrong. Very alert guy. Great job.

MrTeko75 says:

I'm quite certain we saw just the police arrive in time just last week. 😁

Andrew Norris says:

First time I have seen an on-duty Brazilian cop!

Ricardo Sanchez says:

Brazilian cops have way more balls than American cops, that would’ve been a shootout in USA lol

mofromango says:

This new back drop looks way better! Nice work!

Myung Joon Son says:

So that’s how the on duty officers look like in Brazil!

Jay Cole says:

Rare indeed 🤣

Arc Rides says:

I've seen a few of these. If I find the links I'll send them through.

Pete The Poet says:

I'm almost 99.99 % positive that a off duty caught the 2nd guy moments after 😉

Pete The Poet says:

Perp was lucky this wasn't a off duty Brazilian officer, he would've taken the sidewalk temperature challenge for sure .

Pete The Poet says:

That was more rare than anything I'd ever seen , Cops came at the best time .

Patriot RC says:

Funny how compliance led to a good outcome. 👍

TheTubejunky says:

Who thinks the cop was justified to shoot this criminal and should have?

Cecille Chan says:

Wow! This time the doughnuts did not get in the way.

Pokey Cottons says:

4:34 cop at bottom right definitely pointed his gun at the victim for a second

Randy Duncan says:

Lack of an educational beatdown was all that kept this one from perfection.

gerald acevedo says:

Awesome reporting

Vetisu _ says:

the channel should just be called "Brazilian self protection"

Michael Stein says:

Thank you for your service.

OG Timbercraft says:

The law of attraction causes criminals to attract both victims and police.
Police attract victims and criminals.
What you resist persists.

Jermaine Prince says:


fufu mfrmfr says:

The get away driver just left. Hahaa

SandMan says:

When seconds, the cops are minutes awa- oh shit, they’re right there

dipanman says:

They didn't 'show up on time', they just happened to be passing by. Big difference.

Jared Bringhurst says:

And I thought on-duty cops were a myth in Brazil. . .

iroc341 says:

It seems like Brazil has more surveillance cameras than we do in the states. ? Always catching these idiots in the act.

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