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What’s The Best Pistol For Self Defense & Does It Matter? Glock M&P PPQ CZ Canik

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Arsenal 616 says:

I completely agree with what you say at the end of the video. I find it strange how so many people convince themselves that "Handgun X" is the best and all others are unreliable junk. Whether that is because of paranoia, clever marketing, a lack of imagination (no other gun can be as good) or an overactive imagination (dreaming up scenarios that will never happen in your boring mundane life). When in reality, most handguns will basically perform the same under normal conditions (EDC, home defense, range use). Just find the one you shoot the best and shut the hell up.

And yeah, I'm kinda talking about Glock fanboys. But also people who carry a 1911 or a revolver have a similar thought process about things like "stopping power" or "reliability." As if no one ever got shot by a .45 and lived or a revolver never jammed. lol. It happens. Get over it.

BigAArmory says:

What I learned from this review was that the guns perform exactly as he described and will likely very by individual but that all depends on how much you get out and shoot. Most importantly don’t ever become an intruder on his property in the middle of the night or the middle of the day for that matter. Great video and awesome shooting

James Moore says:

Alex of brings me here when I tried to look a gun pistol on their site.

Joe O says:

I couldn’t help but notice the ejection pattern from the glock was very weak compared to the m&p.

Trevor H says:

All the Youtubers who took the money to promote the Canik, should be ashamed of themselves. Disgraceful.

Anthony Esposito says:

Don't know much about the canik construction but could it have been the grease or oil getting thick in the cold

darkmountainman23 says:

He (or whoever owned it before him) put that stupid "frog lube" shit in the Canik, I bet you anything. That crap would jam an AK-47 in cold weather.

E Rid says:

Get some dam earmuffs and shoot the video 😉 it’s all about which gun you have the most experience with.

Adam Rose says:

Im just getting into shooting again and have to say awesome shooting on your part! As for the guns looked like the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0c and the Glock 19 were your 2 best but judging by most of your videos you use those the most. I bought a Sig p320 compact and a glock 17 gen 4. The Sig is nice but I have big hands and most compacts just don't fit right. I wanted a CZ P10C but shot it and the trigger just seems to be to short for my finger. I could literally stick my whole finger in the trigger guard. I would like to try the S&W 2.0 Compact next.

Guit Fiddle says:

Now we expect to see you out there for a Christmas video when it's below 0! I once treked through about 3 feet of snow for about a 1/4 mile to get up to a shooting range here in MN just to try out my "new-to-me" Mosin; it was worth it!

MrZonacat1 says:

A special thanks to your wife for filming in the cold. Thanks for a common sense video.

Kevin Jones says:

No CZ P10c test

touofthehighplains says:

No love for FNH. SMH

Shawn Jamison says:

Man, I am really loving that m2.0 compact! I've loved the ppq for ages and I'm already familiar with the m&p handguns. I'm really torn between which one I want next lol. I guess I know now the Canik won't be good for me here in Wisconsin lol. Great video once again thank you!

graynote says:

Quality brands are all good to go, however logistically, certain brands are much cheaper over the life of the gun (maintenance, parts breakage, and upgrades) and have more support options like sights or holsters. My P07 was quite disappointing to find sights and holster for it and I ended up getting rid of it. I’m trying to thin my stable anyway. Each new platform one ends up with a several hundred bucks in holsters, mags, and sights.

CZ 1always says:

As you have stated ,, the 43 is fine . Would love to CCW my 19 with the RMR on it . To much . I do not live around my gun . Great video as they all are thanks .. have a nice Holiday. Yes the best gun is the one you have with you … as you know ….. Fact

Bald&curious says:

Damn , nice shooting and pretty consistent with all of them.

Derek Wilson says:

Dude all of us are thinking where is the CZ P10C?

Joel Ohms says:

Damned good video.

Robert Murray says:

Have you had any issues with p10c I’ve seen lot of scary issues lately keeping me from buying one

mylifechoices says:

Excellent comparison HOR!
No need to care what others think, or troll about…if you like the pistol, awesome! Variety is the spice of life, and to each their own.

Don MacArthur says:

Nice shooting.

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