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Weird Interaction Leads to Shots Fired For Off Duty Cop

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Alan Whitsitt says:

Thank God the officer is ok! I hope he learned some valuable lessons here. I'm surprised he arrested the loser in the end. I probably would have been shaken and mag dumped his ass.

Joseph Tynan says:

NPCs are breaking out of the simulation!

BigDipper907 says:

He had a cap a perp for free card n couldnt redeem it 😢

Ablacklab says:

Re watch the vid and imagine from bad guys perspective he probably thought that was a gun the cop threw on the porch and ran up to try and shoot him with it he looks right where he throws down the radio 😱

Jimmy Watt says:

This is one of the craziest you've covered.

Dozer Pozer says:

He was on that Alabama Jamma

Outlander says:

That driver had to have been right on the edge of snapping, and that was the trigger…

ˌmōdəs ˌäpəˈrandē says:

Dumb. How many off duty cops have seen get themselves killed for trying to be a cop when they aren't

Segovax says:

Oof, bad outcome nobody likes to see, with the preservation of a valueless life and all 🙁

Seatrout King says:

S bag should be dead if that cop could shoot and his foot ware was his problem he couldn’t stand up in them

American Patriot says:

Wow, I think I sucked in my seat cushion several times watching this video.
Lol 😆😂🤣

Th. Burggraf says:

"So, what do you think about that…"
The first thing I thought of was, how the heck is it possible that a "trained" shooter misses every single shot at nearly point blank range? 🤔

L M says:

If he just minding his own business he wouldn’t of had a problem

SoCalSilver says:

That was definitely a strange situation.


Lot of weird stuff here. Off duty officer executed training instincts in attempted arrest but totally ignored training instincts to be always armed. Shorts starting to fall down, wearing flip flops. Very unprepared for a criminal attack. I understand that when off work one wants to let ones hair down and relax. However criminals don't attack on just on-duty hours. They attack 24/7. I'm not an officer and I am more prepared than this officer when at home. Always wear my gun. Only time I am not wearing it is when in bed, showering or in a gun-free zone where I could go to jail for wearing it. I work out at a gym that is in a school related building. Have to disarm there. I hate the feeling that if an active shooter were to come in there and start shooting up the place that I will be as useless to stop him or her as any of the anti gunners that run that building. May even lose my life because of their silly illogical laws. It sucks!

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