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Watch Store In Houston Robbed

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Alex A says:

That bitch got away fuk

Mike Wallace says:

I'm still not sure did he want all the Rolexes or just a few of them

Nomasratas says:

He is missing jail love so much

Kevin Spencer says:

No Brazilian off duty cop ..SMH …… Houston is slipping 🤦

Kev G says:

They should have been shot 10 times. Just listen to the robber and give them what they want in the store.

marine919 says:

When they catch the perp, send him to an ebonics class before they free him.

Steadno 2006 says:

Suspect fucked himself

Courtney Williams says:

Oh shit I just bought a Rolex for $500 in Houston 🤣🤣

Gray says:

that old guy is such an idiot. He keeps on trying to get up, fight back and isnt listening to the commands of the criminial. He should thank god hes not dead because he made so many mistakes over some stupid jewelery

Cereal Killa says:

That was a horribly planned robbery. Everyone knows what he looks like and sound like plus his fingerprints are everywhere.
And that guy defended himself like a cockroach on the ground

Joe Zen says:

Should have kicked him in the D*ck

andrew daley says:

I wonder if they will catch this dick head. Apparently not bet they would if he robbed a police family members shop. Andy England 🇬🇧👍

dondi2261 says:

If they had guns the woman could have ended this BS.

Sam Sung says:

Dumb old Man 🤦

Vladimir Ladev says:

That guy just played with his life beeing arogant and cocky to the perp. If he was armed and made a move great, but acting like that on a drawn gun and then starting to run after the guy (I hope to lock the door bud IDK) just maaan he could have lost his life at least 3 or 4 times here. Makes me cringe.

Kobies Boxing says:

Criminals aren't idiots in regards of they know who to target, and who not to target. So of course he targeted a jewelry store with no armed security guard, no metal detectors built into the doorway, no doors that are opened from behind the counter & automatically locked.

TheSilverSurfisher says:

This Dude is a Complete Lucky Dumb Ass Idiot!! He has a true Death Wish… either Fight for your Life or Plead for your Life…not haphazzardly attempt a little of both. wtf?!

georgetrynamakeajug says:

$45,000 on the street is worth 4 lmfao

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