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Waiting Your Turn In Robbery Situations

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ee says:

you mentioned in the video that this scenario can be practiced but with one person at a time for safety reasons. since "safe" firearms (ie, paintball, or there's a company that makes a "safe" ammo solution — i forget their name) are getting more realistic, could these be used in scenarios like this so that practice can be more lifelike for better prep?

OnlyJoking says:

Unpopular opinion: our property is worth more than the lives of individuals who use their life to consistently harm and victimize others. My property has some form of societal good, their lives do not.

Patrick MacFadden says:

Great Advert for Bud Light!

Cal Deyon says:

This is exactly why I appendix carry even though it’s uncomfortable since I have a gut… I may switch to Glock since no one makes good appendix holsters for caniks

True Hope says:

It's the Bud light sign that took all their testosterone away and they couldn't fight!!

Cody Baker says:

I have not read through all the comments so perhaps this has already been covered. Also… I do not claim to be any kind of expert on anything self defense, just my observations. With that out of the way… I am surprised you did not mention positioning yourself for advantage. Bad guy forces you to the ground and at a time when he is on high alert and counter is very high risk. Customer #2 to the right of the screen did not have much choice but to comply with that. An opportunity for counter if there was one came after the bad guy deemed him no longer a threat and stopped paying as much attention to him. Customer #2 may not have had any choice in being forced to the ground but he does have a choice in the manner in which he does it. Customer # 2 can comply but leave himself in such a position to give him a better line, better cover, better draw. It appears to me that where he went to the ground was a horrible position to react from and it seems to me that this was one thing he MAY have had some say in. I see this often on this channel when the customer goes hands up, "hey Im not a threat" and backs away before going to the ground. I would be interested in hearing comments from someone who IS an expert on self defense.

Jesse Garza says:

You would literally have to be John wick to win that initial gun battle

A Nautical Gate says:

No , they couldn't .unless they were SEALS.couple of hopped up chimps with guns out ? second man in blue was perfectly motionless, like he was faking out a grizzly bear. heads up play.

UberDurable says:

Unbelievable, the store is still selling Bud Light??

Diggin Riggin says:

The victims did exactly what they should’ve done in this exact situation. Both were at a significant disadvantage and are still alive

David E. Ward, Sr. says:

What I learned from this is to carry a cheap burner phone for emergencies and leave my good one locked in the car.

Cash Money says:

You take out the first guy the second guy shoots the clerk in the head and you go to Jail for being a Vigilante.

Wendigo.93 says:

Oh look black people… what a surprise

Bo McGillacutty says:

Armed robbery going down an profanity is a problem??

Richard Grace says:

Guy in red lookin like pinky, SAY IT AGAIN,OOOOHHHH

richard ramsey says:

what are they even talking about–are the customers even armed? I love these videos, but this one is way to hypothetical, makes it sound like these guys are cowards rather than victims

LA BoutaBagDoe says:

If this was Brazil one of those customers would of been a off duty strapped police officer and would shot both robbers

Kevin Moran says:

We grow lots of soy here in the Lone Star State.

Tk Hannibal says:

4:00 they would've been had to be knocks to the nogging

Chainsaw81 says:

The one guy didn’t have gloves on should be easy to get finger prints

alim Rashid says:

😮 is that a tec 9

Michael Ripley says:

This is why I don't have a expensive cellphone and minimal info in it. A lot of people use face lock or fingerprint to unlock.

Mexican_LOKO says:

Texas gotten soft

Benny B says:

The thing is if one of these guys had a gun they would of likely tried to shoot at least one of these guys, but in doing so that person also stands the chance of getting shot. So because neither had a gun , they both live to see another day.

Hard Cold says:

I don't like people robbing customers in stores. Hopefully they charge them with separate counts of armed robberies.

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