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Van Driver Loses His Cool On The Road

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The Nerd says:

Pity he wasn’t shot!!

Noneya says:

PX4 storm shoutout! Love it!

Anthony rose says:

Men I love what he do gt the hell frm out thr

Victor Omebije says:

Hmm… Why did the video end?

UnbeltedSundew says:

In every country I've ever been in taxi drivers are by far the worst drivers on the road. And like this one many of them act like pathetic bitches when they get called on it.

John B says:

If you exit your car with a deadly weapon, you have every right to stand your ground. One more perp our of the picture.

yafiteli says:

That driver did the white thing, I mean the right thing.

Anthony Hamilton says:

I was the guy with the pipe. I was about to beat his ass

poker bruh says:

I usually ask road rage people "are you ok?" very nice in a concerned tone. Sometimes it surprises them and makes them think.

Alan M says:

South Afrika has been taken over by Marxists. They're destroying the very country that England developed. I would get the heck out of there ASAP.

Texas Patriot says:

I watch these to remind myself not to lose my cool on the highway

lunga baker says:

South Africa is keeping this channel alive

Lee Lantern says:

I had a guy cut me off in work truck so i honked at him, he decided to get angry at me and started driving like an ass, it resulted in him throwing a golf ball at my truck and I got it all caught on dash cam. I showed up at his work and showed his boss what he did and told him I was going to call the cops, and sue him and the company for the dent he caused and assault. He lost his job and the company that he worked for is under a city contract and gave me 1,500$ cash to settle, the funny part is the dent was actually from my son and a drone he crashed into my truck…lol

Chaplin says:


MrLimbei123 says:

The defender was armed. Should’ve turned the perp into Swiss cheese.

Michael O'Donoghue says:

Beeping your Horn at someone is Pure Ego and it doesn't Educate or Change a Driver's Behaviour. Frequently it only Incites, which is why I never Beep anyone.

Pete says:

Drive safely: lock doors. Don't honk. Let's idiots drive like idiots just call the cops instead of trying to be a hero.

CopaceticSpirit says:

Wow… Road Rage even get the best of Baton Twirlers.

BullseyeBuss says:

Chief executive officer = CEO = wife. Literally the same thing.

Toshy McTosharoo says:

Every time I see a new ASP video I think “is this the day I see Gas Station Encounters”

Nunya Business says:

Hey John, how's the Russian guy who took a flare to the neck doing?

SamRock says:

Given the van driver's lack of coordination, considering he can't even hang onto his pipe weapon, he may not have fared very well in a fight.

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