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Two Robberies Show Us Thieves Are Not Concerned With Your Safety

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Jones Diary says:

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Amos Tutuola says:

Jesus, from what kind of society come these criminals? Thought life in US…

George Rivera says:

2 extremely sad stories, but I am glad that the victims both lived through this.

Herald Damiao says:

Uugh. You blurred the part where the cashier was standing. I didn't how she was shot except when you said she was shot in the chest.

MrAnarchris says:

i guess the girl could have jumped thru the drive thru as soon as she saw him.
what a lowlife, he will face justice even if we don't know about it

Sherloid Bai says:

lol that second one was his friends.

KirbSyde says:

In TX., that seems like a situation where deadly force would be justified. R U sure he'd B prosecuted had he FIRED instead of PUNCHED?

You Already Know says:


Broil Waters says:

Bet that liberal millennials would some how blame Trump for BLM Commies robbing and shooting these People. More B on W crime that will never be covered. MagaMoney 2020.

Hunter Wood says:

"I didn't get the hot n ready so im just gonna run off" xDDD

مشاري الشهراني says:

These couple of punches will make him happy when remembering this.

jasper silence says:

Contentment eludes us here..There is time for peace with the Lord…Until then…I wish my hands were guns!

Kirby Voss says:

If I was gonna run up to the car, I would have whipped out a knife to slash the guy’s tires so he doesn’t get far. And has to pay for new tires with the money he just stole 1000 IQ PLAY

GameFuMaster says:

IMO. Be ready to give up your stuff (unless you were prepared). But be ready to fight if they won't leave.

Kirby Voss says:

2 best choices of pepper spray, you can get Option 1. POM Personal Defense Spray like in the intro or Option 2. Fox Labs law enforcement grade pepper spray which is what I carry. Just wanted to advertise the importance of having a means of self defense. Have a good day folks!

Della Simmons says:

The guy new she didn't need a key. That's why he shot her.

Shane Seagrim says:

First one should get the death penalty

James69 says:

No need to withdraw alot of money from bank. Use debit card or credit card to purchase items.

touchofdumb says:

Low energy assailants who go lethal during compliance are the creepiest.

Lynda White says:

That’s why when I see Obama voters wearing hoodies when it’s 95 degrees outside I already have my finger on the trigger.

Jason N says:

Yeah, I've always thought everyone who is trying to steal from others is generally a good person

johanna dam says:

i had to replay that punching ten times so satisfying

NoMoney CarGuy says:

All felons?

Harry Balzak says:

Beverly Hills? Criminals are invading the rich neighborhoods to rob pizza joints? I'm glad I live far from any cities with nothing but miles of farm and nature between us.

Septagrim says:

that's so fucking disgusting that people like that exist. she was so small and defenseless, i feel horrible for her

HomelessOnline says:

I'm not shocked, I knew some really bad people that don't hesitate to hurt people who get in their way or slow them down.

FW#30 says:

NO CAP – AsfLvcky7 OUT NOW ON YOUTUBE #top10

Joe Shmoe says:

I see another trend and we are all thinking it

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