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Two Different Situations Teach Us About Compliance

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Davis Wiechert says:

I experienced my first carjacking attempt in December of last year when I was 19 years old. I was driving home from work at about 10:30 pm when 2 men walk out in front of my car and of course I stop so I don’t hit them. One of them stays in front of the car as the other comes over to me on the driver side. Instead of doing the smart thing and staying inside the car I decide to roll down the window and talk to him about whatever qualms he may have, keep in mind that not once had it occurred in my head that these guys were going to try to rob me. I know I should have expected it but I’ve had a very sheltered life with a family that has a lot of money, and this happened in a very low crime area. The moment I rolled down the window he began punching me in the face and yelling at me to get out, but I was in shock honestly, so I did nothing. Then somehow I was able to get the keys out of the car and into my pocket without the guy noticing, the whole situation is honestly still a blur to me so let’s just assume I did it as he was beating on my face. I then tell him through my tears that the keys are in the ignition, it was at that point that I finally decided to get out (side note: the car was push to start and when you put the key in it becomes flush with the dashboard). By the time they realized that they keys aren’t actually in the car I had already taken off running. That’s basically the end of the story, I just ended up waiting in some bushes nearby until they left the car, at which point I just hopped back in a drove home. The only thing they ended up getting was my phone, which is why I didn’t immediately call 911. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from that experience and I’m learning a lot from this channel as well. Good luck to all in your self-defense adventures, let’s hope we don’t have any!

Rage Fury says:

First video, I would strongly encourage all store clerks to either get the heck out of dodge or launch a counter-ambush if the robber is distracted with grabbing money from the register. Standing around is just gonna get you further victimized, because robbers will take all your valuables 100% of the time if you give them the chance.
Secondly video, that's just a despicable display of evil. Ignore everything you know or think you know about generational differences – the moment anyone intentionally causes harm on another, they're out of excuses. Teens, adults, middle-agers, elderly, doesn't matter – they're still performing an assault. And those evil people don't care about your age or your circumstances – they will hurt you for your stuff or, sadly enough, for sports.
The general lesson for today is to always treat people who act suspiciously as a potential criminal, especially when you're alone or are otherwise at risk of becoming a victim.

Jam Isaq says:

Some people are so clueless about anything you wonder if they deserve to get robbed so as to teach them a lesson for future deadly ambush.

Richard Perez says:

1st guy…millenial snowflake,..hit him upside with Jack Daniels

Jedibenuk says:

First guy was in on it.

Victor Caballero says:

LIQUOR STORE VIDEO: Compliance is the best strategy if your life is not in immediate danger, give the guy the money and leave the area as fast as you can.
EDIT: The Bad guy doesn't have any weapon. ( Knife, Handgun etc.)

Victor Caballero says:

What does the law says about fighting a minor to protect a innocent ?

Victor Caballero says:

Could it be the bad guy gave the Clerk a big bill, $100.00 to get the till open and have a opportunity.

Mick Martin says:

First one inside job…..

Lex Alford says:

If they had tried that on my mom they would probably not have lived to see the dawn me and her both got our enhanced concealed carry permit and new pistols at the same time granted hers is not as powerful as mine but she practices regularly and I got her a good holster for her gun so she can wear it comfortable every day

Juan Gallardo says:

1st one should have invited him for a drink, a bottle of Jack Daniels to the head.

ffdv says:

really trying hard not to have racist thoughts

Todd Todd says:

The first one as Eric Church says Jack Daniels kicked my ass last night.

Gary Nicks says:

I don't care if it's teenagers or not I would bust their heads

Lynda White says:

No way If I have a guy who just robbed me like that coming towards me in an aggressive manner I’m putting a bullet in him. No jury would convict you for that.

LastLvLBoss says:

Most Liquor stores I know have armed security because they have large amounts of cash.

Fu Inlé says:

Working in retail, it is unavoidable to count the drawers with customers in the store. There are ALWAYS customers and store policy mandates us to count them every couple hours.

Dylan Peres says:

Dont worry guys once we replace police with social workers these kids would not have robbed that woman

Eric Rusch Sr says:

The first one : The clerk was of comparable size, might have been able to take care of business. But NEVER count the money in front of people.
Second: Always, ALWAYS mind your surroundings.

Pray Yan says:

I need to learn how to use a gun or something cause these people are dismantling the police and crime finna rise up. I took taekwondo when I went back home to Korea but I need a gun!!

Rolls Royce says:


User says:

1. Dude could've landed some punch, take down or use those bottles behind him and smash his head in .
2. Walk with someone or learn to look around and keep your eyes up be ready to defend your self.

Andracadice Crawford says:

The first one …looks like they both were in on it. You stand there and the only thing in your head is to pull your hood back up?! The second video is one of the most wicked demonic sh— ever!

Matthew Hocker says:

First one, don't be a *****. Or an idiot. Second one always pay attention. Smfh. Unbelievable. Being stupid and oblivious(for both scenarios) can cost you your life just for being dumb. Ridiculous

Svart Änglar says:

Really disappointed that he didn't bang any of those bottles in that guy head.


Thanks to Active Self Protection Channel I am always alert when I get out in the mornings to go to work and when I take the trash can to the street
Always carrying!!
Thank you Mr. John Correia

Dave 313 says:

Ha, could of grabbed some expensive liquor. He probably got like 100 buck, LOL.

Hollywood Gold says:

The clerk should have grabbed a bottle off the rack and clocked that POS theft in the head.

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