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True Grit: Carjacking Victim Takes Matters into His Own Hands

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Terrence Taylor says:

They were such good boys.. shame they tried to play gangster. Maybe just get a job?

Bowii says:

dang i wonder how their friend must feel knowing he got both of them killed, i bet they are waiting for him in hell not very happy lmao

ELEVO says:

Awe they look like good little boys taking a nap from a glance. Yet they are two young killers and go knows how many people they have killed before. Hope there Mama's are happy and teach their others kids better. So sad.

Lee Yang says:

He should had follow dude who ran and made him shit his pants.

GyroMurphy says:

I love happy endings

Bass Cove Outdoors says:

Romanian Dong of Justice

Sam says:

If anyone else wondered how he could grab the rifle, assess its firing condition, turn it around in a tight space while struggling with three men, then fire it twice, all in the span of two seconds you're not alone. Look at 0:57. There is nothing in the driveway behind the car, then the man runs away and now there is something on the driveway– the rifle. Clearly the driver had his own pistol. Kinda crazy how John and co. missed this

Brian Nichols says:

1:14 Love the road rash on the knee from the victim's quick exit.

J.J Knudsen says:

You guys really crazier than video

Cash940 says:

NOoo the rosey rod of remorse 😂

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