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Top 5 Self Defense Strikes

VIDEOS – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – Elbow Strike Tutorial: Thai Kicks…


FightTips with Shane Fazen says:

Awesome stuff, Alex!

Karieno Abel says:

I feel bad for her partner

Alex Wong says:

Learn my top 5 self defense strikes.

Jordan McCormick says:


Antic Jimaz says:

Can you make a video on some Judo take downs? This would be verry helpfull.

Brian Linares says:

Yaaayy bout time you guys do self defense!

Jetikgames says:

what about punch in the throat

Christian Buscemi says:

I like your vid. My only complaint is that you talk kinda slow for me but
that’s probably a good thing for beginners/the masses.
Also, I’m used to Shane Fazen (from philly) and boxing coaches here in
Boston haha fast talking city slickers we are.

Good job! +1 subscriber!

Kyle Kinard says:

The last one was brutal.. 

FreeN1NJ4 says:

his face oh god

Job says:

Feel sorry for any poor bastard who tries to attack you lol

Deadly Grace says:

Great video Alex!
You form is terrific, especially that Thai Leg Kick.

Gabriel Delacruz says:

Thatt guy which you were demonstrating the moves on was a pretty epic and
funny hahaha

matt matt says:

Awesome, im gonna subscribe

judokarateboy says:

Hi again Alex, I do love watching U in action, especially when Ur Kicking
and Punching old Bob. Ur Kicks are so hard as U can hear thw thud as U
strike him. Ur Brother in law is always smiling even though Ur
demonstrating Ur Self Defense moves on him. I would swap places with him,
he is a lucky guy. It is great to watch and I realise there is a serious
side to it as Ur teaching Real Self Defense.

judokarateboy says:

Good Morning Alex, nearly 08-00hrs in the UK. Thanks for replying. U must
have hundreds if not thousands of admirers to ur channel. U are simply
awesome and I love watching all ur Superb videos. U are so fast with all of
ur strikes, it is wonderful to watch. I am in awe of U and cud watch U in
action every day.

judokarateboy says:

Wow Alex U really are awesome. U strike so fast with Ur Hands Feet and
Elbows. U did not explain the Kick U used to push him away, looks like a
kind of Front Snap Kick? Ur the Taekwondo 1st Degree Black Belt, Wud I be
correct or not? Please make more of these, showing Ur superb skills to
demonstrate on ur brother (I think), U must enjoy using him instead of a
Kickbag (Old Bob).

judokarateboy says:

Hi Alex, I love ur new video. Every strike U made put him down so u cud get
away quickly before they recover, or wud u follow up with some more strikes
to take him out or disable him? I loved ur front snap kick to his stomach
but U didn’t descibe that one, will U go through that Kick next time? I
really do think ur an awesome Martial Artist.

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