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Top 10 Self Defense Martial Arts Styles – REACTION

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snakesocks says:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is really fun. You guys should definitely give it a try. It's not one of those martial arts that you have to practice for 15 years to be effective. In fact, a good blue belt could probably out-grapple most opponents. Most top UFC fighters are brown/ Black belts in BJJ.

gemstony85 says:

Looking forward to seeing you 2 becoming efficient in one of these styles. Might make for a fun vlog at least one day.

Thx for the reaction 😉

Kevin Norwood says:

More surprised however that this list didn't mention Lua, the martial art of the Pacific Islands (Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, etc.). That martial art is absolutely BRUTAL. For those who don't know, Lua is "the art of bone-breaking and joint dislocation."

Kevin Norwood says:

Surprised that Kali made it on this list. If you watch the History Channel show Forged In Fire, Judge Doug Marcaida is a practitioner of Kali.

The Boss says:

ya. i think i shall do that too. yoga is fun but ARGH hard. krav maga sounds great. not just cuz it has MAGA in the name.

漢仔 says:

I was wondering how come hapkido can’t be applied in MMA. It seems useful to take down opponents and then use Brazilian jiu jit Su. Haha, talk like an expert.

Alif Amirullah says:

Love for you guys from Singapore!

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