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Tiger Woods, Dr. Nathan Connolly and Self-Defense 5/29

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We Shall Rise says:

Memorial Day was started by blacks on May 1 1865.

Antoinette Files says:

he said he was not BLACK

Diane DNaturalLady says:

Nice blog πŸ‘πŸΎand neat name

KALYN S says:

Why is Tiger Woods driving drunk, when he can afford a driver or Uber or Lyft?

Johnk H%100 says:

I've mentioned this to someone about having access to a lawyer.

Paul Charles says:

You look like a clown wearing that stuff!! Stars and stripes were invented by whites for whites…blacks were not to be part of it whatever they may want. Create your own flag!!

Kay N says:

I got questions but I'll let it go.

Kay N says:

Thank you for mentioning Medgar Evers Irami.

Venise Patrick says:

What's wrong with Tiger Woods on this picture?πŸ˜” let's keep him in prayer he is still our black brotherπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ’–

Stacy Rodman says:

Great show Irami

Onlylove2U says:

A lot of people don't seem to know what ask a Fuckin question is. It really needs to be explained to them or simply hang up on their dumb asses. You don't explain shit like your answering your own damn question before you ask it . If that's the case why Fuckin call? Gotta keep the show moving.

thor2070+9 says:

The thing with Ray Rice was an old video that the police knew about, and dealt with. The person, who had a copy sold it for money when that hotel went out of business. (get the story straight)

George EX says:

57:40 – Took it to another level. It's tough to hang on, but it makes sense.

Mansa Moola says:

Dr. Nathan Connolly is very articulate and enlightened.

Darien Long GRSE! says:

I want to be like tiger. I'm unhappy without a Ferrari or McLaren, I would just be as unhappy as I am now, but with the Ferrari or McLaren. Maybe Ariel Atom.

Lance Polk says:

Tiger Wood's father was a vet. Army I think. Tiger Woods has to accept being black first. Funny thing. On his police report, it's black, not carboncanaisian or whatever that b. s. was when he 1st came out. I thought he would've learned his lesson the 1st time….

LadyMikey35 says:

Irami, irami, using Ray Rice as an example, for the media's poor representations of black men, is beyond "reaching", other wise excellent commentary.

Darien Long GRSE! says:

Memorial day is for those military personnel that died for the country. What you talking about is Veterans Day.

The Roguish Sun of Nat Turner says:

Been in MANY places in this world BECAUSE of this nation's military, but you QUICKLY learn that your presence as a "representative" of this society is TOLERATED as opposed to being EMBRACED.

Xaiver Blackhorse says:

Black Vet here Irami…Thank You!

The Roguish Sun of Nat Turner says:

As a "black vet"…if you wanna honor us…get those close to you to understanding that their loyalties are in the WRONG basket…there is NO honor in that banner that you wear.

Dont be naive to believe that its something to have pride for.

eolash shark says:

Like tiger, we all have our wrecks in life. Good thing tiger declared himself not a black man on the oprah winfrey show. Tiger gave the clabasan community another black eye.

winluv winluv says:

Irami your free Tiger is not freedom is a beautiful thing.

Jay Harris says:

Currently, black people make up 16% of the active military, yet are 13% of the population, so we are well represented.

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